Intel Mothballs its manufacturing facility ‘Fab 42’

Intel had big plans with its Fab 42 plant which was situated in Arizona, but now the state-of-the-art, Multi Billion Dollar plant that was supposed to product 14nm chips is now being canned. What’s worse is that the chipmaker has no plans the bring that out of the mothballs in the foreseeable future.

Fab 42 was a facility that was supposed to employ thousands of people with permanent and was also boasted as one of the potential job prospects in the tech manufacturing field. However, Intel decided to put it on hold giving the reason that their existing plants can manufacture 22nm and 14nm, according to what Intel spokesperson told PCMag.


“The Intel Arizona site is the lead site for high-volume manufacturing of our newest 14nm manufacturing process. All existing fab capacity in Arizona is capable of manufacturing on both 22nm and the newest 14nm processes. The new construction [of Fab 42] was originally slated for 14nm but through an ongoing drive in manufacturing efficiencies, Intel was able to continue to use its existing buildings for 14nm. This allows us to maintain the new building for additional capacity flexibility and future technologies.”

Intel spokesperson also told Reuters that the Fab42 does not have any fabrication equipments. Rather, it was just the building that was constructed, along with heating and air conditioning equipments.

Though this is the official response from Intel, it should be pointed out that Gartner put up the report that indicated that PC shipments suffered a double digit drop.

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