Intel outsources 14nm production to TSMC for countering supply problems

Intel is having a lot of people with its fabrication of 14nm 8th Generation chips to a point that it will be partnering with the Taiwan Semiconduction Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to raise supplies.

According to reports, Intel wants to prioritise server CPUs and chipsets but additionally will be concentrating on the H310 and other Intel 300 series chipsets. Intel has noticed a fall short of demand by 50%. Its 10nm Canonlake series is expected to arrive by the end quarter 2019. The Intel 9th generation desktop CPUs and the new Intel Z390 chipset should come out very soon. Therefore the company has to outsource to relief itself from such problems. The supply issues should be eased by the end of 2018.

  • Core i7-7700K Price Trend

As per Amazon, Intel 14nm Core i7-8700K cost the highest $419.99 on November 2017 and the lowest being $299.99 by July 17th, 2018. The current pricing is $359.99. Even the Core i7-7700K whose lowest price was $270 on July 20th, climbed to $328.98 as of now. The following are the current prices of the 7th and 8th generation.

The news, however, comes from TSMC and not from Intel. While the company is keeping quiet about it, TSMC states that it will help with customer demand by improving supplies over the course of the year.

TSMC is not new with desktop CPU fabrication. Recently, the company also made a deal with AMD for 7nm manufacturing process, making it easier for them to push RX Vega series GPUs and eventually making a way for Zen 2 early next year. Earlier, TSMC used to make smartphone/feature phone chips for Intel.

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