Intel preparing 2 Broadwell-based NUC with NFC and vPro Support

Recently, it was reported that Intel would be rolling out Broadwell-Class desktop CPUs by Q3 2014, however now its pointed out that Intel is currently developing couple of very small factor based PC units codenamed ‘Rock Canyon’ NUC with Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs using Broadwell architecture. Along with the desktop processor counterparts, even these are planned for Q3 2014 release. If these units are priced right, this should tempt a lot of people.

The ‘Rock Canyon’ NUC units would be emphasizing on living room computing setups, and will have the appropriate implementations. The NUC will have USB 3.0, HDMI and DisplayPort along with M.2 slot for SSD and an infrared module. It will also feature NFC to sweeten the deal.


The ‘Maple Canyon’ is slated for a later release, but its more for business-class users. These units are based on Broadwell micro-architecture, but along with i5 series it will have vPro, Virtualization, Active Management, added security and remote management. This will feature USB 3.0, DisplayPort, M.2 slot or 2.5″ drive slot and an Ethernet port.

Both units will have Irs Pro graphics with 128MB eDRAM for caching. According to the source, its expected that Intel’s next gen graphics processor would support DX11.1+, OpenGL 4.1 and OpenCL 1.x, along with MPEG/JPEG decoding acceleration, Intel Quick Sync and 4K display output.

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