Intel reports Pollution in India and China causing great damage to PCs and Electronic Computers

Intel’s engineers in Oregon found out that the air in China and India contain sulfur which causes corrosion in the circuits, therefore damaging electronics, PCs and Servers. The Chipmaker also pointed out that the computers will now be more vulnerable to such contaminants.

Anil Kurella, a Hillsboro material scientist who is working with Intel’s research effort said,“We got the board, and it was pretty obvious. You open the chassis up and you see blackish material on every type of surface.”

Intel says that the newer computers will become more vulnerable, but Hillsboro lab is currently running series to tests to find ways to find a solution to this problem, as China and India is too large market for many to ignore. As of now the company is using different types of coating to protect the copper circuit within a $300,000 chamber tested will pressurized hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and even chlorine.

Though there has been some progress in this research which is going on for a year, the implementation is still far from perfect.

This isn’t the first time for Intel to do such research to protect from such harmful effects. According to the source, Intel devised a solution between the 1970- 1980 to protect the systems from acid rain.

Intel also hopes that the research put together with the lab will help component manufacturers to find a way to fix this issue, but those who cannot afford to do such research on their own.

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