Intel teases Xe-HPG microarchitecture…. officially

Intel started teasing its highly anticipated Xe-HPG graphics card lineup by having a teaser of its microarchitecture. Once launched, this will be the chipmaker’s first discrete gaming-grade graphics card. Earlier, Raja Koudari posted one vague screenshot. The teaser isn’t exactly a teaser by Bahubali standards, but maybe that’s something to look forward to from the senior VP, chief architect, and general manager of Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software.

We’re yet to see any SKU variants, though there was a convenient leak a few days ago. We’ll just have to wait and see for a while to see how this manifests itself.

Two to tango, three to create balance?

This is Intel’s first jab at the discrete graphics card duopoly by AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce. So the assumption is that Intel Graphics should disrupt the nexus towards its gain. If that’s something that will start with Xe-HPG, is something we’ll have to wait and watch!

The performance of these Xe HPG GPUs is not expected to the flagship, rather somewhere in the mid-range. What should be important is the power consumption, the number of AIC partners, size and availability around the mid-range class. Hitting the mid-range performance is where most users are- playing with high refresh rate monitors on 1080p and 1440p resolution.

Intel Xe-HPG

Considering both AMD and Nvidia are unable to keep up with market needs due to scalpers, miners and other elements where respective companies and distributors botch the prices, a third player will be a relief. Seeing that its none other than Intel, as long as it can make incremental growth and work in sync with user’s needs it should do well. That said, selling graphics cards is a complex business. Making chips for it is even more complex. Intel did sell its SSD business to SK Hynix, recently. It also ceased XPoint memory fabrication and development with Micron as well.

These Xe-HPG chips might likely be made by TSMC, which also makes chips for AMD, while Nvidia opted for Samsung for the current RTX 30 desktop GPU lineups. Intel does own its own fabs suited more for CPU fabrication.

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