Interview with Anonymous: Part 1

What initially started as a meme in 4Chan forums back in 2003, Anonymous has become a very recognised symbol that appears to give one specific message whenever you see their sign: The corrupt will fear and the honest will support. Anonymous is a hacking group/Hacktivist that uses its skills and knowledge to make a point for the greater good of the public and its used as a sign for those who want to retaliate against problems that affect the people. From the Occupy Wallstreet to the movement in Egypt, the men and women have learnt to be free from fear and oppression by behind the guy Fawkes mask- by being an idea. When you wear a mask and choose to be anonymous: One cant be judged based on who you are, what you do and forces those who look at them to concentrate more on the message that they want everyone to hear: Wake up!!

While Internet censorship isn’t really new in India, the pace has stepped up very fast and then many decided to question the government- one of the first who was the victim in the name of Internet Censorship was a cartoonist and the “save your voice” Activist Aseem Trivedi who had his website hosted by BigRock was taken down without any notice or a court order. Many people were angry that many ISP blocked a well-respected video sharing community for those who create original video content- Vimeo. Like all countries, an individual became an idea, then the group of individuals became fearless and became an idea- an idea for free internet. This is the conversation between me and few of many anonymous groups behind Operation India. For those who do not know, Anonymous has leaked a list of websites that Reliance ISP has blocked-one of them strangely is a facebook page by Air India protestors. When the corporates and governments’ actions became clear after very VERY close series of events (especially when Anonymous’ twitter handle “@OPIndia_revenge” was taken down on the same day when the list was leaked), Anonymous is planning a movement on June 9th- as they have spread the message when they hacked in BJP’s website:

anonymous india bjp back
Screenshot of Anonymous in BJP’s website calling all students for a moment in June 9, 2012.

Correct me if I am wrong, but you have given 24 hours to restore your twitter account. Now it is not. What do you plan to do?
anon2: We have given the government the deadline of 9th June. So if they won’t stop censoring the internet then we will cause them major damage.
anon3: We are going to intensify our hits.
anon2:  Right now we are not really going tough on them.
anon3:  and going to start more assaultive and high profile hacks- but as of now we are talking it low.

Aseem Trivedi was one of the first victims when his website was wrongfully taken down. There was no court order or warning given by BigRock or the police. Don’t you think that website that was taken down should be restored first?
anon2: There are many websites that have been taken down. Well, we should aim for bigger things like total removal of internet censorship. We just want India to know that their freedom of speech is at stake right now. There is something they can do about it.

Why only Reliance? Or Is reliance one of many?
anon3:  Yes one in many….
anon2:  reliance is one of many.
anon3:  …but they came first because of their corporate madness, the leaked list of blocked sites by them is proof of how evil they are. they were breaking the law -and will be again-that is what gave them the first chance with our fury. another factor was that Reliance Entertainment was the one who began the madness of censoring the sites on a movie release.

Don’t you fear that your message may be interpreted in a wrongful manner, after all, we do have ministers who do that and they have influence over the media- more specifically- the mainstream media!
anon3: We don’t rely on media. We speak to the public directly. We are ready to explain in person to them like we are with you now- that’s what makes the difference.

I appreciate that – but I am an individual.  Addressing a collective of people is more difficult.

anon3:  Yes I realize, That is why we use twitter etc. and the government knew that was bad that is why they hit our twitter.
anon1:  We expect EVERY INDIVIDUAL to help us keep this fight! By making people AWARE!
anon2:  We do take opinions of the people through Twitter.

Do you fear- that your actions may be interpreted as an act of cyber-terrorism?
anon3:  No. Terrorism is when you inflict fear by hurting people. We won’t do that. we could have hit IRCTC- but we won’t.
anon1:  When we choose to fight against CENSORSHIP, we gave away the FEAR!
anon3:  ..because we are here to help people not hurt them and we will love it if they call this Cyber WAR.
anon2:  criminals do not have the right to call us criminals.
anon3:  ..because this really is a WAR, a revolution.

Some people in the government use the religion card. They say that content that hurts religious sentiments needs to be taken down. When they say that, a lot of people agree. Do you have anything to say to such people?
anon3: No. We are not against them blocking attacks on the religions. But this system is misused-and can be. If you put a gate to prevent theft it can also prevent good people.

..but what maybe offending me may not necessarily be offending to you. How can you make a clear list of blocks?
anon3: It is simple- If it is offending ignore it. you don’t see it- Don’t try to force your likes on others. All this are just explanations for governments to control the social media.
anon1: If the government keep a track on what we do and everything, aren’t they actually doing CYBER CRIME by logging my personal materials?… Don’t they become cybercriminals?
anon3: So that people will lose their final and last tool for uncensored communication.
anon2: Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and internet is the only way left.
anon3: Yes they are cybercriminals. The new bill they are making is trying to make them free to do anything on the web without court orders or anything.

Do your folks at home know you’re doing this?
anon2: We are anonymous. No one knows us!
anon3: Yes, and No!

Do you believe that the mainstream media- not all- let’s say some for now- are in a way supporting this censorship?
anon1: I am afraid so!
anon1: You can’t actually tell whether or not they support censorship… maybe they are just influenced by them! Like if I am your boss and I ask u to do something/write something bad about the US for more money, obviously not many reject that offer.
anon3: Else they would never have allowed them self to be censored. We cant do anything- we have to change the government. We have to put people who want to do the right thing. Abolish the LEADER BASED state. There is no need for leaders in a democracy.
anon1: +1 anon3
anon2: Leaders = More Power abuse and hence Anonymous has never failed! They should learn from us rather than censoring us.
anon3: 30 years ago a leaderless government would have been impossible- but not today.
anon1: That is because we are the general public from the internet
anon4: nor to catch hold off… anonymous is like the mythical char Hydra .. you cut one head 3 new pop out!
anon1: +1 anon4
anon3: …else all this would not have become this bad
anon2: Reliance has blocked Facebook pages of Air India protesters…there has to be some government influence right?

When Godaddy made a controversial statement about SOPA, people left Godaddy and went to other hosts. Now, Reliance- as you pointed out directly many times- are blocking websites like Vimeo. Will you be using your influence to tell people not to use Reliance…anything?
anon3: Sure- if they are not ready to change we will.
anon1: We will say so
anon2: We are not only targeting Reliance. We will target others too if we get sufficient proofs of the wrong deeds
anon3: You know how reliance communications came up in the first place? Reliance has invested so much in the government that they want it to stand- and will do anything to protect it- And we are totally against the strike called on this 31st. Parties just make people’s life horrible to make them feel that they are with the people. BJP and LEFT had an equal role in petrol price hike.

So do you have solid evidence to show that Reliance has invested so much in the government?
anon3: Proof- Why try to block everyone who speaks against the government on their internet service?

…but don’t you think people will support you more than ever if something is leaked?? that is- if you have a hard evidence.
anon4: Do you know who satish seth was ?
anon1: I am sure I wouldn’t simple go blocking services!?
anon3: yes we  have leaked the list. we released it to nearly every media here

only medianama published it IIRC.
anon3: Yes and few small ones
anon3: Others just took it away
anon1: Ever heard of the TERM CENSORSHIP maybe XD
anon4: I will give you a link to an article which covered us completely unbiased.
anon2: haha
anon4: This interview was 1 week ago

June 9th! Do you believe it will succeed?
anon4: Chandigarh
anon4: Mumbai
anon4: U.P.:
anon4: Look at these pages.. i guess you might get your answer
anon1: It is the 1st step to success
anon5: It is the BEGINING of change. Change is a constant process. 9th June is the first Abby step.
anon5: Rest assured, more awareness is the solution.

Will you succeed? If you say yes- are you saying yes based on success in other country or do you believe in your heart? And are you ready for the worst, even if you are arrested and/or wrongly convicted and if it affects your family?
anon1: Yes… We believe in our IDEAS and …. when we joined Anonymous …. we knew the government would do anything to arrest us!
anon4: And about getting arrested .. c’mon they can’t even reach us
anon2:  Well if we get arrested then there will be major revolts and then government of India will get into trouble coz all the focus of Anonymous all over the world will be on india
anon4:  Arresting a like a booby-trap
anon1:  We are all prepared!….
anon1:  +1 anon4
anon2:  So Indian security being shitty as we know.. well Anonymous from all over the world will become a pain in the ass for government of india
anon1:  We did say… we are going easy as of yet! But if the govt plays dirty games, we can play too!

What if terrorist groups takes advantage?
anon4: How ?

well, if a chaos is created by arresting 1 anon, a lot of concentration from the government will be tracking you guys.
anon1: Like 26/11?
anon4: Well the government should get their priorities ..
anon1: When the government and media were focus on a diff issue??!!
anon4: Tracking people fighting for their rights or terrorists
anon1: lol…. then government didn’t learn anything from them previous mistakes!!… That is a point the MASS MEDIA should make to the government. Focus their arses from stopping us to protest to KEEP their “POWER”…. and forget to “PROTECT” their own CITIZENS.

one guy from FB asked me to ask you: Can you ask them to publish Swiss bank black money details??
anon2: Well corruption is in our list but ATM we are just focusing on censorship issue.

Does your operation have a name? the one that you plan to do on the 9th of June?
anon2: No lets just call it OpIndia Phase I

A lot of people would like to have that mask. not the cut-out version, the actual mask. Are there any sellers?
anon1: People can make their own paper mask!
anon2: Not in India ATM
anon4: But soon will be
anon1: ..else u can buy on eBay or such places!

okay. I am done- do you guys have any last words so that i can put up for people to read?
anon1: We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not FORGIVE, We do not FORGET….. Government of India Expect Us!

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