Interview with Anonymous Part 2

Even after asking those question to Anonymous in Part 1, there were more questions that I needed to ask- and I did. This time its about Permissions for the occupy movement, Piracy and other stuff.

Just so that we’re all on the same page: What have you not forgiven, what have you not forgotten and who should expect what from you if June 9th doesn’t go as planned?

Anon3: June 9th is one day in a movement.
Anon3: We have indications that it will go well, but that is beside the point. Say nothing happened. It all fell flat. Can we afford to say, ok we will live censored, and talk only how much is allowed?
Anon2:  well… Its not WE HAVE NOT FORGIVEN…. its we shall not forgive firstly!!
Anon1:  We haven’t forgiven the government. Their censorship. They are curbing freedom of speech here which is a constitutional right. How can India be referred to as ‘The world’s largest democracy’ if internet censorship is imposed? We haven’t forgotten all these years of corruption. The government’s greed for money. Their hunger for power. We know that this court order does not have much of a relationship with the government, but they need to pay for their past
Anon1:  We’re freedom fighters of a new age. We want our freedom back. The freedom which was taken away as soon as we got it.

There will be people who will try to disrupt occupy movement- like not give permission or even stop it in the middle.

Anon1:  They can’t. We have the right to protest
Anon3: The movement is headed in one direction. The change will happen. Slow or fast. There is no alternative. The laws we have, the way they are used are like a dictatorship
Anon1:  it’s a constitutional right too. If they(the police) try to stop us, we will stream footage of them curbing our rights live on the internet. I hope that answers your question(s)

If you look at the bottom of terms and conditions of Mumbai Police NOC form it says “The police reserves the right to revoke permission at their discretion”. You believe a situation is possible that eventually, some minister is going to call the police commissioner and order him not to give the permission- or worse to stop the occupy movement immediately.

Anon2:  9th JUNE is PHASE 1, according to the amount of participation we will get to know how to make people aware of their rights being taken away
Anon3: The presumption that a crime will be committed is no reason to punish those who have done nothing
Anon1:  Again- it’s a constitutional right too. If they(the police) try to stop us, we will stream footage of them curbing our rights live on the internet.
Anon3: do you really think that something as small as police permissions will stop us?
Anon1: Do you think we’re taking permission from the police to DDoS?
Anon3:: There is no reason for police to stop a peaceful protest
Anon1:  The ground protests are only one phase
Anon3: we are only required to inform
Anon1:  and yeah, they can’t stop peaceful protests
Anon2:  we shall not allow fellow anonymous to be PRO-Government and disrupt the movement…
Anon3: If respecting the norms of the country becomes an invitation for suppression, we will not respect them.  there are many ways to protest without breaking laws or asking for permissions. You can’t even come to know of protests in time, let alone stop them
Anon1:  Er- there are policemen at every corner. what with the rise in street accidents and stuff?
Anon2:  if there is anyone who will be getting excited, we are going to hand him to the police and continue it peacefully… and if anyone instigates, we are going to be prepared for them too, we are planning to have a VIDEO footage of the whole event
Anon1:  However, they can’t stop us from protesting peacefully. Yeah, I said that. We’re going to stream it live.
Anon2:  +1 Anon1
Anon3: Peaceful protest is a right.
Anon3: We will not let go of it just because permissions get revoked to prevent protest
Anon1: do you have any other questions that need answering?
Anon3: revoking permissions to prevent protest is not freedom of speech. Blocking entire websites used legitimately by many people to “prevent” piracy is not freedom of speech.

You said in the previous interview that corruption is not what you’re concentrating on for now but don’t you think corruption brought in censorship? So why not include corruption as well?

Anon1: Well let me re-quote myself: “We haven’t forgiven the government. Their censorship. They are curbing freedom of speech here which is a constitutional right. How can India be referred to as ‘The world’s largest democracy’ if internet censorship is imposed? We haven’t forgotten all these years of corruption. The government’s greed for money. Their hunger for power. We know that this court order does not have much of a relationship with the government, but they need to pay for their past sins.”
Anon3: We are not excluding corruption. Right now we are protesting censorship.

Torrents! Do you think they should be unblocked?
Anon3: yes.
Anon1:  Yeah, why not?
Anon1:  Torrents are not used for just illegal purposes
Anon1:  I use them to get my Ubuntu distros..
Anon3: torrents are used for more purposes than our politicians and corporations know
Anon1:  because it’s easier to manage downloads via torrents

Not everyone does that…

Anon1:  torrents are a TECHNOLOGY. You can’t block an entire technology just because people use it for the wrong reason.
Anon3: we should not be responsible for them only knowing one use of torrents..
Anon1:  Let me give you an example: let’s impose a ban on video cameras because they’re used to record child pornography…
Anon3: you can download software distributions from torrents
Anon2: Corruption is a major factor… but don’t u think we should go step by step in a process?? Everyone has failed till today cos they ask for everything and don’t go step by step rectifying every small “BUG”… Like when u make a website, its impossible to search for XSS, SQLi, and other vulnerabilities at one go… there is a process to that!!

So you’re only against torrent blocked- not against torrents that give away DVDrips and ISO and cracks.

Anon1:  how about that?
Anon3: torrent is a mode of distribution, not content.
Anon1:  we are against piracy. They could block specific URLs leading to pirated content. Why block off an entire technology, which is very useful, just because it leads to wrong things?
Anon3: This is like saying shut down a TV channel because it can broadcast songs without permissions (which actually many channels do currently).

Do you believe that a lot of people in India are under the misconception that it is their right to download anything from the internet- especially DVDRips and ISO copies that belong to publishing/distribution companies?

Anon1:  No, we don’t. They know that they are pirating them.
Anon3: a lot of people worldwide are under that impression- not just India.
Anon1:  The industry needs to ‘grow up’. Blocking torrents is not the solution. Preventing people from recording using cameras in cinema halls is.
Anon3: at the same time, how much of torrent users to they comprise? Also, how is guarding the property against another the responsibility of someone else?
Anon2:  Everyone realizes that the world is not open source where u can download anything and donate money when u want to
Anon3: Do film producers pay torrent sites to play security guard for their property?
I doubt that will happen…
Anon1:  They don’t- but they threaten torrent organizations –  have you read the various letters “ThePirateBay” have posted on their front page? Give them a read. look, they need to change their approach. They can’t censor speech.\

yeah, I’ve read them via torrent freaks and such sites.
Anon1:  ah I see
Anon3: but expecting sites with massive usage to monitor for the rights of the creator who will only lobby to create trouble if not… that isn’t right to anyone except the rights owners
Anon2:  Do u share movies u buy…. with ur family?
Anon1:  If you do, that’s piracy because at the back of commercial DVDs it very clearly says that, ‘rental of this DVD is not allowed’ -and you’re technically ‘renting’ it to your family.
Anon3: Let me put it like this, how about I impound your house if any person who broke laws was found there?
Anon3: never mind the shelter and legitimate use it provides you, your family, friends, others?

Of course, I wouldn’t appreciate that.
Anon2:  lol lol
Anon3: That is what is happening with entire sites being banned.

People’s concept of piracy is so…vague and contradictory that in a way one can say taking a xerox copy is also piracy. Taking a backup copy is not piracy. everyone has the right to do it yes?
Anon2:  lol
Anon1: Yes

So do company have some terms and conditions that in a way deem backup your own software you paid for- is piracy?
Anon1: but you don’t have the right to _share_ your backup
Anon1:  Yes, some do- video game companies, for instance. See, if you buy a Nintendo DS game, it’s obviously completely legal. If you buy a Nintendo DS game, it’s completely and perfectly legal, however, games are pirated using flashcards which allow you to load .rom copies of the same game on your computer. making these copies is COMPLETELY illegal and an offence. You cannot make backups of your games even if you own the same

We have companies like EA having DLCs. They chopped mass effect 2-3 and had made DLCs. Not many would like to buy a $50-$60 on pre-order and then pay $10-$20 per DLC because it’s unfair. this never happened back in the good old days- it obviously encourages people to pirate.
Anon1:  some of these DLCs are actually ‘on-disc’. It does, and the worst part is that means they are already present on the disc, but they still make you pay money to unlock them.
Anon2: who is at fault?? people are being looted by the business class

I am not saying its the people’s fault. it’s just that companies take so much effort to curb piracy but certain steps they take them back to square 1

Anon1:  21st-century money-making strategies. They won’t stop. They have no reason to. The money they’re losing from piracy is gained via DLC and other things. Also, these days most games come with online passes. These won’t allow you to play online if you have a pirated game. You probably know though. However, this is a disgrace to the used game market. Many people buy used games and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be allowed to play online on a used copy.
Anon2: Let’s take CS1.6 the age-old game…. people who like to play it would like to download the trial version… and people who would later like to go pro, buy the original with steam

You say that the government is corrupt, yes?

Anon1: yes, I do believe so.

And you would like that the same corrupted government to stop internet censorship? What makes you think they will do that? You mentioned in the press release dated 28th May 2012 that ” We remind the Indian public that trusting a corrupt government to solve corruption and other problems is like expecting a serial killer to catch himself”. We can’t expect a series killed to catch himself and turn himself in- we would like that, but it doesn’t really happen that way. Don’t you think that this effort behind June 9th will be futile?

Anon1:  No, it won’t be. If the entire nation rises, the government can’t do shit.
Anon3: There is always a risk of efforts being futile but efforts can succeed. Not making efforts are guaranteed futile. You prefer.
Anon1:  Lets take the example of a pregnancy. Pregnancies have failure rates. Does it mean that a lady will avoid getting pregnant just because she knows that she may lose her baby before it’s born?

Anonymous has a lot of followers and also fanatics who would be tempted to take matters into their own hand out of excitement, even with no intention of doing so- damage anonymous’ credibility?

Anon1:  No.
Anon3: I don’t understand what you mean by fanatics.
Anon1:  He means people who might go violent during the protest
<Non-Anonymous> @Anon3:
Anon3: We have so far not had anyone who even remotely recommended or wanted to stray the slightest from the non-violent stand
Anon1:  And we have plans to hand such people over to the police
Anon2:  I’d call them sentimental and emotional against the government atrocities rather than fanatics, you know!!
Anon1:  If people start attacking other or causing problems during the protest, they’ll be handed over to the police. This has been decided not by me, but by the organisers. Go read up on the Facebook page of the event.
Anon3: at the same time, Anonymous is anonymous. Individuals do what they like. Our collective decision is to hand over people engaging in violence to the police.

Are you personally connected with the organizers?

Anon1:  No.

When censorship started, at first the notice in blocked sites said they’re doing because they have orders given by Department of Telecom, then for some time it was “competent authorities” and then they said that orders were given by Indian courts? Why so much “passing the buck”?
Anon1:  that was reliance. when all ISPs started the block, it said court orders- and I don’t know why reliance did that.

How safe are online shopping sites? do they also store credit card information?

Anon2:  what sort of question is that?

NH7 interview- last 4 digits were stored and one of the anonymous said that with the right tool anyone can exploit it. There’s no law that tells site owners in India: You can’t store people’s credit card information, is there? 

Anon2:  anyway … the question is definitely ambiguous!! I mean… how can we comment “SECURITY” part of all “SHOPPING WEBSITES”
Anon1:  Yes. that question is indeed ambiguous. However, credit card information was anything but secure on reliance’s big cinema website- that’s all we can tell you.  We can’t really speak for other sites, but if you consider stuff like Amazon and Flipkart, they’re pretty safe

so- you did check it out? amazon and Flipkart

Anon2:  lol lol lol…. hehehe…hahaha
Anon1:  No.
Anon2:  ur curiosity gets to me
Anon1:  Get on with questions related to the OP.

Your thoughts about Kapil Sibal?
Anon1:  …
Anon1:  ffs
Anon1:  Another ambiguous question.

It is the last question

Anon1:  We won’t comment on ministers or political parties. if you have questions related to Anonymous or #opindia, ask.
Anon2:  SHOOT…
Anon1:  If not, that’s all.

okay. that wraps it up!
Anon2:  LOL LOL

Most common question people will have if this will solve the problem that we face in internet censorship. If it does, hey- it is all good! If it doesn’t, one shouldn’t be discouraged as such movement does have certain effects on people. However, it is very clear what they want to do and what they have to do. We as people need to ask ourselves: Would you like to be under the illusion that you’re free or ignore it because it doesn’t affect you- yet? Thanks to anonymous for answering all the questions.

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  1. yes u are damn right they should open the torrent sites so what do you think till when we can get our torrent unblocked

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