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Ivy Bridge HD Graphics Features and Benchmark Graph

These are the 3 screenshots explaining the Intel Ivy Bridge with HD Graphics 2500/4000’s features and benchmarks (media encoding using QuickSync 2.0,  3D Mark 06 and 3D Mark Vantage).

Before I continue ahead, I would prefer to say that Hardware BBQ is not under NDA by Intel, infact I made many attempts to be in contact with them for few months (even after trying to contact with them via contact form and their 3rd Party PR…even via their facebook page), although I respect it to the best of my ability when companies send me boards for preview. If you want to see the following slides with the grain of salt is at your discretion, but it gives a slight taste of IVY Bridge processors. Besides, there’s already a Preview of HD 4000 from Anandtech.


IvyBridge HD Graphics 2500/4000 features

IvyBridge HD Graphics Quicksync 2.0 benchmark

IvyBridge HD Graphics 4000 DX11 Benchmark


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