Kickstarter for Full Body VR Kit for Oculus Rift ‘PrioVR’ spotted!!

Oculus Rift VR headset is something that I am looking forward as I and many would agree that it will significantly change the way we interact in video games and few other application which would benefit from virtual reality headset by Oculus. This also paved way for another device called Omni treadmill.

Now, its PrioVR, which uses multiple sensors which would be strapped on the body to emulate actions in video games. This kickstarter project is started by YEI Technology who made affordable sensors which will read body movies in real time and transmit to emulate the same action in the game. With the Oculus Rift VR, you can use the combination and first person view of the gameplay character to immerse yourself in the best form of gaming experience you could imagine until now.

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In the kickstarter project, the following was explained:

“The inertial sensing technology used in the PrioVR offers several advantages over optical systems such as the Microsoft Kinect. By using an array of high-performance inertial sensors along with a centralized, wearable wireless hub architecture, PrioVR will provide 360 degrees of unfettered low-latency real-time motion capture without the need for cameras, optics, line-of-sight, or special environments. The PrioVR system will capture motion data directly from the body at projected end-to-end latencies that exhibit an 8x or better improvement over optical systems such as the Kinect. The system will be wireless, allow multiple simultaneous users, and will work anywhere – indoors or out. Additionally, the system will exhibit performance characteristics comparable to high-end inertial motion capture systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars, but at a cost that makes VR and motion capture affordable for everyone. “

The $250,000 kickstarter project has gathered $38,753 at the time of writing with 38 more days left to gather the pledged amount. There are 2 versions of the PrioVR kit: Lite and Pro.  With an early bird backing of $450 you can get the lite kit and for Pro, you’ll need to pledge $625. The price is very high to be deemed as affordable, especially when considering the total cost with the Oculus VR headset, but after seeing the video demo it looks really cool- and who knows, the mass production will eventually help to bring the cost down.

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