Gaming Exosuit provides physical sensation while playing games

ARAIG started a Kickstarter campaign which can replicate the sensation when playing games in your upper body using an exosuit. This way, you can enjoy your gameplay beyond sight and sound- and the vibration from your game controller, therefore letting you interact the game more than you typically experience during a gameplay. The multi-sensory feedback suit, specially designed to work with multiple platforms, looks like a very good concept, just like Oculus VR headset.

The suit is divided into 3 parts: Decoder, Exoskeleton and sim skin. The decoder is responsible to transmit specific sensation for the suit to emulate on the gamer’s body. Exoskeleton uses series of vibration pads around the suit: on the front and on the back. There are 16 points each on the back and front, followed by 8 each on the sides. The stims provide sensation in 4 specific points in the front which will emulate the sensation by contracting muscles.
There are speakers and power supply with 2-4 cell batteries to keep the suit mobile.

Sim skins sound like add-ons to make ARAIG look like an armour of your favourite character designed for certain games (Like Mass Effect’s N7 armour?).

The video of the Kickstarter program not just appeals to backers, but also to developers for indie games to compete with larger game design studios to provide some more “interaction”. That being said, eventually, those AAA game developers eventually would like to use this to enhance the gameplay.

One of the video clips shown that they’ve kept Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in mine, but one shouldn’t be surprised if they’ll work on PS4/Xbox One counterpart as well once its out.

They plan to raise $900,000, out of which currently there are 218 backers who pledged $51,020 with 25 days more to go.





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