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How to kill non-responsive programs in one-click!

Create a one-click icon to end the process of non-responsive programs!

At times we face a situation where we get the message ‘This page is not responding’. Irrespective of the system build and the user, everyone faces non-responsive program issues. Typically, we would go to Task Manager and perform an ‘End Task’ to kill not responding programs that don’t close itself. This is a good idea for those who are building PCs for their clients irrespective of their skill set. Who will not appreciate One-Click simple and easy-to-use tool?

There is an easier solution which involves using a command and assigns it to a shortcut. This is needed since the system uses too many resources for not responding programs and it takes a long time for the Task Manager to come up. Also, many novice users will be unfamiliar with this. So creating a simple One-Click solution gets the job done.

To do so, you need to follow these instructions:

Creating Shortcut and Adding Command

  • On the Desktop display, right click-> click ‘New’ -> click ‘Shortcut’.
  • Under ‘Type the location of the item’ bar of the ‘Create Shortcut’ screen, type the following command

  • Click Next. Type the name of the shortcut as per your preference. The default name will be ‘taskkill’. Click Finish.

Changing icons for the non-responsive program killer!

  • If you wish to customize further by having an icon for it, all you need to do is right click on the shortcut, select properties and click on ‘Change Icon’. System-related icons is under ‘%SystemRoot%System32shell32.dll‘. You can also use ‘explorer.exe‘ to show system default shortcut image.

Due to the simplicity of this method, you can always add this on your flash drive and use it on any Windows PCs. The command is different for Windows 10 due to the location of Windows 10’s built-in Cortana. This should help with issues


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