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Kingston, Corsair and OCZ introduces new SSDs, price cuts

With Companies like Kingston, OCZ and Corsair India pushing SSDs in India- and buyers liking what they’re seeing and purchasing and a substantial price drop within six months is good reason enough to buy an SSD.

In 1 corner, Corsair’s distributor Inspan Infotech giving a push to Force GT 240GB AND 480GB variants, Delta Peripherals slashing the price of Kingston HyperX 120GB from Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 9,350/- and in another OCZ, a manufacturer of Vertex 3/4, Synapse and their kick-ass RevoDrive line-ups signing up with their second Distributor “Abacus Peripherals”. Barely 6 months ago, during the time I evaluated HyperX 120GB the Standalone kit used to cost about Rs. 14,000/- in approximation and more than Rs. 15,000/- for a desktop upgrade kit.

I wasn’t really interested in Force 3 Series performance, but Force 3 GT is something that you can say is respectable in terms of performance comparable to Kingston’s HyperX drive had many price cuts within this 6 months. At first, it was quoted about Rs. 11,000/- then getting it lowered to Rs. 9,350/- and now retailing for a jaw-dropping Rs. 8,850/-, its good to see that prices for SSDs are taking a steep nose drive in prices, despite other hardware component’s prices are appearing more expensive compared to what they used to buy before.

Things will definitely be interesting now that OCZ has 2 nationwide distributors- Abacus Peripherals and Tirupathi Enterprises. To those who don’t know- when I was in Computex as Tweaktown’s Guest blogger I didn’t get to see it up close but OCZ has also showcased their PC Power & Cooling’s newer PSU Silencer MKIII 1200W which also received a “Recommended” label that the Tweaktowners were giving away during Computex 2012. But will OCZ be interested in being their PCIe x4 SSDs and maybe even their power supply line-ups in India is something that remains to be seen in the near future.

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