Kingston and Nanya expect DRAM demand shortage in Q3 2014

Long-time memory and flash-based storage makers Kingston Technology and NAND maker Nanya Technology have said that they expect a short demand of DRAM chips during Q3 2014, mostly because of the effects of the peak season.


As of now, despite the fluctuations, it is expected that the prices of DRAM chips will be somewhat stable due to the industry consolidation which limits the number of supplies to up to three, according to Kingston.

Nanya on the other hand is able to main sales of its NAND flash sales through Q2 as handset makers are building up newer models that should be released by second-half of this year. HoweverNanya indicated that prices for memory chips for mobile and consumer devices would be hiked to up to 10% due to short supplies. As of now, Nanya is planning to launch a more economical version of the 30nm manufacturing process. As of now, 30nm process accounts for 70% of total production in Nanya in Q1 2014.

On an unrelated note, it seems that there’s a rumour of SK Hynix installation issue with its machinery and said to affect the supply and prices of memory chips, but Kingston didn’t confirm that. They did confirm that prices would increase by Q3.

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