L.A. Noire The VR Case Files not supported on AMD CPU + Radeon GPU Systems

L.A. Noire: The VR Case files have a strange listing in its PC requirements listing stating that it will work with ‘only specific combinations of AMD and NVIDIA/Intel Hardware will allow the game to play as intended’. In not so many words, what L.A. Noire VR  will not work properly in an AMD CPU and Radeon powered gaming PC.

Rockstar’s L.A. Noire: The VR Case files have a high minimum GPU requirement- starting with the GTX 1070 as a bare minimum. That’s probably acceptable given its VR requirement. But it doesn’t make Rockstar Games look good since Nvidia’s branding are in the game promotions. Many other titles had VR adaptation such as the open world game Fallout 4 VR. Unlike L.A. Noise VR adaptation, Fallout 4 VR works with any combination of AMD/Intel and Nvidia/Radeon CPU + graphics card combinations.

In its system specs, Rockstar Games says the following:

It is not clear if Rockstar Games will fix the issue (if present) unless this is locked to not work with AMD hardware powered systems.

L.A. Noire The VR Case Files not supported on AMD CPU + Radeon GPU Systems from gaming

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