‘Leaked’ images of Haswell-E desktop processors are suspected to be a fake

Earlier, VR-Zone ran a story with Haswell-E ES CPU picture and the specifications. It was exciting for a lot of people and as one would expect this would travel far and wide. To add to the fact that VR-Zone is the first to put it up, the credibility will back up the story.

However there is another report that suspects otherwise, but it does raise a lot of interesting facts based on observations.

The source pointed out that while the claimed ES chip had all the trademarks, ‘Intel Confidential’ markings and followed by clock speed and place of manufacture, it still didn’t add up. The writer said that the lettering of the works was too dark in comparison to the actual sample that Intel usually gives away for review purposes under an NDA. Usually the letterings on the processors are pretty faded even when its brand new. However in the alleged ES sample, the letterings were pretty dark.

i7_4960X ESintel-core-i7-haswell-e-engineering-sample-cpu-leaked

The following is the comparison of the alleged leaked ES, and the Core i7 4960X Engineering Sample.

The following observations are also made:

If you look at the image of our 4960X you will see a small opening in the bottom right corner. In the VR Zone image that opening is now in the upper left. This is not a deal breaker, but it is unusual as we looked over a few more Intel CPUs and found that opening to be pretty standard as you can see in the picture of our Core i7 3960X shown below. The next thing that caught our eye is the font. There is just something that is wrong with it outside being far too dark. If you look at the two images we have included you will notice that the zeros used all have the slash through them to make sure they are not mistaken for the letter “O”. On the VR Zone image this is missing and it stands out quite a bit.

Lastly the lid just looked wrong. It did not look like the other lids that Intel has used in the recent past and because of this we wanted to take a closer look.

When we zoomed in on the lettering using Photoshop we noticed something right away. There is a thin line of miss-matched pixels around the lettering. This would not be present if it were a real CPU. You can also see what looks like the faint outline of the previous lettering on the lid. To us this CPU image now screams fake.


Chances are there very high this chip (and/or maybe the specification) is not really Haswell-E ES Sample, and therefore the specs may or may not be true. As of now, we’ll have to wait for specifications of Haswell-E once its launched, unless someone decides to put up a review before that.

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