Leaked images confirm Intel LGA 1700 Socket for Alder Lake-S

With the leaked image of the LGA 1700 compared to the LGA 1200, it paints Intel’s plans with 12th generational Alder Lake-S and onwards. This CPU socket sheds away its usual square-shaped substrate for a larger, rectangular-shaped form factor. The chipmaker always followed the square-shaped CPUs for its mainstream and HEDT CPUs. End of an era? The LGA 1700 is a mainstream socket and will house Alder Lake-S and the distant future Meteor Lake-S.

The LGA 1200 is designed for two CPU generations- the Comet Lake-S and the upcoming 11th generation Rocket Lake-set to release early next year. The Z590 chipset will be released with it. While one will raise concerns about its commercial lifespan before it is declared it as EOL to make way for the next architecture, chipset and socket. oof! 

What’s in the substrate?

Intel Alder Lake-S LGA 1700 Socket leaked imaged
Comparison between the current LGA 1200 with the next LGA 1700 socket

It is too early to say anything about the Alder Lake-S CPUs. But what’s known so far it would use 10nm SuperFIN based architecture. The LGA 1200 measures 37.5 mm x 37.5 mm, while the LGA 1700 is 37.5 mm x 45 mm. The numbering on the LGA sockets indicates the number of pins. Therefore, Alder Lake uses 1,700 pins. The increase in size and pins is needed as it will use a combination of high performing Golden Cove CPU cores with low-power Gracemount Cores. It is very likely to see a 16-core 32-thread Alder Lake since it was spotted in the wild. But as of now, any leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. But it is assumed to support PCIe 5.0 and DDR5. Naturally, it will be accompanied with a new chipset.

What holds for the distant future

With a change like this, the aftermarket CPU coolers exclusively designed for LGA 1700. This also means it will cut aftermarket CPU cooler’s cross-platform support with AMD. But the upcoming Ryzen 5000 series will be the last to use AM4 socket, based on AMD’s schedule at the time the OG Zen was announced. AM4 housed up to 16 families consisting about 113 CPUs- from Carrizo Pro through APU and APU Pro SKUs all the way till Ryzen 5000 series.

Will AMD take a similar approach with its PGA socket? Who knows! Hopefully, Intel will have a better SKU numbering.

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