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Lenovo India releases ThinkCentre M72e and ThinkCentre M92p Tiny ‘desktop’ systems

Lenovo sent me an invite which raised my eyebrows that they’re going to show-off the world’s smallest desktop pcs. They’ve shown couple of system that are significantly smaller than even systems with Mini-ITX systems- ThinkCentre M72e and M92p Tiny, aimed towards business users (for now).

Mumbai, India, July 13, 2012: Lenovo- India’s largest PC vendor (as per IDC – IDC/Asia Pacific Tracker Q1 CY 2012) continues to strengthen its product portfolio for the enterprise segment with the launch of the ThinkCentre M72e and ThinkCentre M92p Tiny desktop PCs. Being the industry’s first Enterprise 1L PCs, the M72e and M92p offer superior performance coupled with the legendary reliability of the Think brand in a tiny form factor for Enterprise users.


Trends in the Enterprise PC industry suggest that an increasing number of organizations now prefer PCs that occupy less space and consume lower amounts of energy yet perform at optimal levels. With this important requisite in mind, Lenovo has introduced the ThinkCentre M72e and M92p Tiny desktops with power-saving features for enterprise users. The tiny desktop PCs also offer uncompromised security, quicker productivity and reliability to users.



Key Features:  ThinkCentre M72e:


· image003The ThinkCentre M72e Tiny desktop is the industry’s first 1L Enterprise desktop with VESA mount support for multiple mounting options.

· Equipped with Desktop Power Manger (DPM) and Cisco EnergyWise certified to manage power consumption, the M72e offers high-efficiency (80%) power supply units for increased energy savings and is officially nice to the environment and you!e

· With the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors & up to Intel  i5 , the M72e is geared up for Higher productivity. With the latest connectivity options including Wi Fi, Bluetooth and up to 16Gb of 1600MHz DDR3 memory, multi tasking on the M72e is a breeze.

· Includes Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 which makes the start-up time faster with RapidBoot HDD Accelerator technology.

· Businesses will no longer have to worry about accurately calculating budgets for PC expenses with the option of warranty extensions from Lenovo.

Starts from Rs. 23,500*. (Taxes extra) * without OS



Key Features:  ThinkCentre M920p:


  • A premium offering from Lenovo, the ThinkCentre M92p is the world’s smallest  “vPro “ certified  PC engineered for Enterprises customers.

image005As slim as a Golf ball! Dimensions at 179x182x34.5 mm (1 Liter).

Latest 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors with VProTM power the M92p to offer enhanced CPU and graphics performance and make it the right choice for enterprises who prefer excellent performance and reliability.

· Supports up to 3 independent displays or mosaic quad display without the need of any additional graphic support.

Bundled with native USB 3.0, Wi Fi and Bluetooth options, the ThinkCentre M92p is engineered to offer uncompromised performance and reliability.

The ThinkCentre M92p desktop’s tiny form factor offers upto 100% desktop performance yet requires only 5% of the space as compared to a conventional desktop.

Full Desktop Computing Power: Up to 16Gb 1600MHz DDR memory, and faster yet secure HDDs1 (up to 1TB ) with Trusted Computing Group’s (TCG’s) Opal SSC standard encryption technology makes the M92p a star performer for enterprise customers.


Range starts from Rs. 26,500*. (+Taxes)

* without OS


The base specification wasn’t really given in spec sheets but according to Lenovo U.S. website the specs and options are as follows:


There are 3 form factors in M72e/M92/M92e: Tower, Small form factor and Tiny form factor. Lenovo India had this meet to show-off the Tiny form Factor. Tiny Form factor basically uses SO-DIMM and Mobile processors primarily made for notebooks in the smallest possible casing+ all the required connectors on the I/O. M72e supports upto 3 monitors and supports quad monitor via mosaic mode, however as stated on the specs above, you cannot do this on the system with Celeron or Pentium.

Tiny form factors use a 65w power brick. Do note that the price mentioned on the Press Release are without OS and taxes- and most likely its the lowest spec available on the sheets above.



Lenovo also showed off a USB keyboard and a monitor panel. Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 monitor comes for about $ 199.99 and ThinkPad USB Keyboard is with trackpoint and currently retails for $ 59 in Lenovo U.S.

I am not sure why is the minimum order is from 50 units. It seems to be pitched towards B2B customers in India as of now, but this is something SOHO users will benefit. Nevertheless, its with notebook components crammed in a small case with vesa mount so that you can mount it anywhere- but one doesn’t simply put notebook h/w in a case, attach a 65w power brick and just call it World’s Smallest Desktop.

“note”]Disclaimer: Product launch updates are not endorsements or approvals made by Hardware BBQ. These are merely updates for the readers to know about. Irrespective of the marketing terms used here, no products are recommended by the reviews of the said units are rolled out![/powerkit_alert]

    1. that’s 23k…without tax…and os…condition is if you buy 50 pieces min to min. even if they sell per unit it will be 30k all inclusive so its not really worth it. luks like they’re concentrating to penetrate back office and call centre operations with this.

  1. lenovo india is wasting time keeping this unit for larger business (like a BPO company owned by a large corporate) in India. They should however concentrate on SOHO. its even more strange that in Lenovo U.S. you can buy a single unit via online- but not in India? that’s why i dont like giving businesses to large corporates. they have too many people and there’s too many people because responsibilities, but because of this, people have a tendency to pass the buck around- even if its something a single person can do it with barely an effort.

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