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Linksys forcing routers with cloud service, Updates T&C

“You know you should throw out your router- or ask for a refund- if your router brand updates its firmware without you knowing about it with an updated T&C which basically translates that if you want to use their hardware, they will keep a track on your surfing activities,” Roshan said, and I agree.

Many angry Linksys customers woke up one morning and found that their loving routers had updated its own firmware and without consent, enforced some kind of “CISCO law” that made it compulsory to use its cloud system.

The worst part of the new ‘Terms & Conditions’ is that if they found you doing  any “questionable” on the internet- or post something on the internet that they don’t agree with, it gives them the power to kick anyone with their routers off the cloud service, shut down your network and even brick your router. I for one would love to know what constitutes “questionable” (yes we know porn is included). And we thought the big brother was bad. This surely takes the cake as far as privacy violations are concerned.

You set it up in your network, unaware that the setting for it to update its firmware automatically is on by default. Then, one beautiful day, your router seemingly doesn’t recognize its credentials anymore. It’s asking you to authenticate with some kind of service you had never heard about before.
Yes, that’s one of the things Cisco did. Upon pushing an automatic update to those routers, it decided to make it mandatory to have a “Cisco Connect Cloud” to access your own router, bypassing and indeed eliminating your former credentials.

Source : Seeking Alpha

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