Logitech India launches new set of G Series peripherals

Its been around for sometime in the international market, but recently Logitech launched following gaming keyboard, mouse, headset and combo. As always G series from Logitech is made primarily for keeping gamers in mind.

You can check out the specifications for  G19s, G510s and G105 (though I am pretty sure G105 is available for sometime in India) keyboards, G13s ‘gameboard ’, G500s laser mouse, G400s and G100s optical mouse, G230 and G430 surround sound headset and a G100s gaming combo which a lot of people with a limited budget for a gaming system would appreciate.


The MSRP are as follows:

· G19s Gaming Keyboard for Rs16,495 /-
· G510s Gaming Keyboard for Rs. 9,995 /-
· G13 Advanced Gameboard for Rs. 5,125 /-
· G105 Gaming Keyboard for Rs.3,295 /-
· G500s Laser Gaming Mouse for Rs. 5,995 /-
· G400s Optical Gaming Mouse for Rs. 3,295 /-
· G100s Optical Gaming Mouse for Rs. 1,995/-
· G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Rs. 6,495 /-
· G230 Stereo Gaming Headset for Rs. 5,495 /-
· G100s Combo for Rs. 3,095/-

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