Marvell introduces new SSD controllers

Marvell designed a new SSD controller with the model ’88SS1093′ which ditches the SATA for 4x PCIe 3.0 interface with up to 4GB/s bandwidth. It supports NVMe version 1 express protocol that uses three cores and even works with 2.5″ slim and M2 SSD drives.


As it supports eight NAND channels, it can accommodate NAND up to 2TB of storage with 15nm fab. The controller is designed for datacenter and extreme line clients, but most likely Marvell would eventually design a consumer variant.

Marvell has already started shipping samples to its customers as it completed its in-house SSD validation along with 3rd party OS and platform compatibility testing. It is unclear when the mass production will start, but it shouldn’t be long to see enterprise-class SSDs with these controllers.

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