Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy Tab is banned in EU

Probably the reason why Samsung India offered live telecast for all the Indian bloggers via Indiblogger and doing its best to build a hype that can save the Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is officially banned in EU (except Netherlands) from Distribution and sales.

Things turned bit ugly when Apple succeeds to win a lawsuit against Samsung 10.1 Galaxy tab (Source: Dailytech), but Apple just didn’t seem to end things there as they moved to the EU and succeeded to get a temporary ban in European Union. (Source: Bloomberg)

In both cases, Apple always emphasized on the word “slavish copy” while referring to Samsung Galaxy Tab and using the word “Stealing”, giving a direct warning to any manufacturers who are “inspired” by apple’s designs. One will have to wonder what would happens to Chinese companies who make tablets for 3G providers, which (in a way) is “inspired” by Apple’s designs. You have to wonder now if Samsung will have a successful sales flow at least till the time the temporary ban is lifted. Will Samsung Tab 750 take off in India is something we’ll see, especially when Reliance’s tablet was announced yesterday and also Asus’ Transformer.

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