micron intel NAND

Micron and Intel’s new 3D NAND enables cost-effective SSDs up to 10TB

Both Micron and Intel have jointly collaborated on making a new type of 3D NAND which allows them to provide up to 32 layers of flash NAND per package.

micron intel NAND

By doing so, manufacturers can provide storage space up to 48 GB per 3D NAND chip, which will enable even the tiny M.2 form factor based SSDs to have larger amount of storage space to up to 3.5TB and up to 10TB in 2.5″ SATA/SATA Express-based SSD form factors. Apart from increasing storage space per package, it will help to decrease the cost per GB, making it even more competitive against HDDs. It will provide higher bandwidth for both read/write applications, including an increase in I/O speeds. Latency and endurance show improvement, according to the companies.

The newer 3D NAND chips will also have newer sleep modes that will disable inactive chips, which will be useful in standby mode. This will be beneficial for systems of all form factors, but this will enable system builders, ultrabook, notebook, mini-PCs and even Intel NUCs to have slimmer and efficient form factor compared to its previous generation.

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