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Microsoft just fixed nausea caused by VR headsets

VR headsets provide a great experience for people, but as a side effect, people tend to experience nausea during use. Now, Microsoft is finding ways to fix this issue caused by VR headsets like the popular HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Curing this sickness will be one step further towards seamless and sick less experience.

Currently, Microsoft found that adding cheap LED lights in the headsets can fix that. The cheap and easy-to-fix solution is to add an array of low-resolution and lightweight LED lights at the horizontal field of view. Microsoft made a demonstration using two of its prototype VR headsets called SparseLightVR with 70 LEDs on the Oculus Rift and SparseLightAR with 112 LEDs on the Samsung Gear VR.

Microsoft said,” Our findings show that sparse peripheral displays are useful in conveying peripheral information and improving situational awareness, are generally preferred, and can help reduce motion sickness in nausea-susceptible people.”

The reason this simply works is because humans have a horizontal field of view of more than 180 degrees while Oculus Rift provides 120 degrees. Adding the LEDs helps to expand it when it changes its colour to match the surroundings displayed via the VR. As a result, Oculus Rift gets an expanded horizontal field of view to 170 degrees, while Samsung Gear VR has 190 degrees.

So far, Microsoft tested this prototype on 14 people out of which 11 of them have experienced less nausea compared to their experience with headsets without the LEDs.

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