Microsoft caught using PC to demo XBox One games

Microsoft Xbox One lulz still continues and this time at E3. While EA’s Peter Moore said that Battlefield 4 footage was running via the console.  It was later found that the games meant for Xbox One was running on an HP desktop system equipped with one of the Nvidia GTX 700 Series card and Windows 7 OS.

Typically in such cases the games would be made playable via dev kits, but this wasn’t the case over here. None of the games was running on Xbox One Dev kits unlike how Sony did with PlayStation 4 at E3. Instead, Microsoft was using a graphic card from AMD’s arch nemesis’ stable and Windows 7 OS, despite the fact that Xbox One’s OS is based on Windows 8.

Why didn’t Microsoft not use dev kits- and use older OS and competitor’s products? One would be curious to ask: which processor was the system running on?


It should be noted that according to Extreme Tech, the graphics in Xbox One was comparable to AMD Radeon 7790, however in this case it seems otherwise. Microsoft using Windows 7 and not 8 raises questions whether or not the company even has full faith in their latest OS meant for desktops and notebooks.

Does Microsoft really hate their very own Windows 8???? Why didn’t Microsoft even make efforts at the very least to use hardware comparable with their Xbox One retail versions? Will these questions be answered (with honesty)???


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