Microsoft halts Windows 10 1809 update after file deletion reports

Microsoft started investigations

Many users complained about its Windows 10 1809 update causing to lose documents, photos and other files. It is uncertain how many users are affected by this problem. But it was certainly large enough for Microsoft to pause the update and investigate its cause. Microsoft advised affected users to call its support lines or use its online help. The company also advised users not to use its Windows 10 1809 installation tool which provides the ISO file. This hinted the problem wasn’t only on upgraded PCs, but with clean installed version too.

Storage Sense Speculation

There might be a common pattern among those who are affected, according to Reddit discussions. Initially, its speculated users with One Drive are the ones who are affected. Its clean-up system called Storage Sense’s update log indicates auto-deletion of local files if they are backed up in its OnDrive. It cannot be said for certain as users with secondary internal storage(s) are also affected. Hopefully, Microsoft will inform its users about the cause of this problem and roll out the fix.

Other Reported Issues

This isn’t the first problem with Windows 10 1809 October 2018 update. Users with 6th generation or newer CPUs reported issues with its audio and Intel released a new graphics driver update. It did cause notebook battery to deplete quicker. This issue specifically targetted users with Intel 6th generation and above CPUs.

Windows 10 1809 October 2018 update was a landmark update for our audience as it enabled Microsoft DXR which made RTX 20 series possible to use its main feature for yet-to-arrive PC game updates. This is the second consecutive post update problem this year as Microsoft Windows 10 April 2018 had the same hiccup.  

Microsoft halts Windows 10 1809 update after file deletion reports from TechNewsToday

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