Microsoft working to fix Mouse issues on Windows 8.1 experienced during gameplay

Ever wished you simply stayed with Windows 7? Well, at least the existing Windows 8 users who are facing this issue wish they never made this jump! There have been gamers who have made the jump with Windows 8.1, but have reported issues with their mouse during playing games. Several gamers have pointed out issues from mouse jitters to high polling rate mouse running on low polling rate, mouse lag and even movement not being registered even with acceleration enabled.

Numerous amount of thread popped in Microsoft’s forum, and even their own moderator reported that mouse lag issues varied between games and input method.

Complaints varied depending on the games, the setup and the mouse. As mentioned by the moderators, Windows 8.1 handles games check for the mouse status different when compared to previous OS. It was also strange as turning off mouse acceleration causes inaccurate movements.

Microsoft is currently working on a solution to resolve the problem.

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