Microsoft Xbox One will have a GPU Clock Speed Bump

With few months left for the schedule launch and pre-orders over-whelming the pre-order limit in certain retail stores, its been revealed by Larry Hyrb ‘Major Nelson’ that Xbox One’s GPU clock speed is bumped from 800MHz to 853MHz as during beta testing it was realized that the GPU can be clocked higher without any adverse effects such as over heating and long term stability.

Corporate VP Marc Whitten said that this will give 6% increase in graphic performance, but also added that the game developers also received the updated graphic mono drivers so that they can set their upcoming titles accordingly.

Whitten also added a point about Xbox One’s asynchronous matchmaking systems which will make it easier for gamers to set multiplayer sessions in a way that it could kick out those with a foul mouth.

Though its strange that Microsoft didn’t do this earlier, and making such changes with barely few months left for the official launch More information should be revealed during the Gamescon convention which will be held within few weeks. VIA: 1

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