New Microsoft’s Console Revealed: Xbox One

After eight years since Xbox 360’s released, Microsoft has introduced the new console, but its not going to be called as Xbox 720, rather its going to be called as Xbox One. A lot of features were revealed which points out that the gaming console/entertainment unit has evolved into a living room device to make sure that it makes the users interact with the content and the console all the way as much as possible by integrating a lot features.

The team will be showing more about it on E3, but so far Microsoft showed off their new Kinect with Voice Controls and recognition feature.The console will remember the last activity of the end user, especially games and music. Microsoft implemented a feature called ‘trending’ which shows the content shared by friends and even other users.

imageXbox One can also have Live TV but with a feature called ‘instant switching’ which can switch between gaming, live TV, music and internet explorer instantaneously. It is also being revealed that Xbox One has universal Hand Gesture recognition for a specific command to do specific task.

There’s also snap mode which can do 2 tasks at one time in a single screen. Microsoft implement Skype on Xbox One which lets you do group video calls which can also work with snap mode.


Microsoft has Xbox One Guide which lets you search for shows with voice controls and even has an option of trending content and switch channels by mentioning the names of the channels. As expected, there’s also the favourite section.
Trending section lets you see the most watched series.

Microsoft made this console to make sure as future proof as possible. The company uses Kinect, Smart Glass and its wireless controller. The console has 8 core CPU, 8GB RAM, 500GB storage HDD. Blu Ray DVD, 802.11n with Wi-Fi Direct, HDMI In/out
It also has an 1080p HD camera with uses Microphone arrays. One of the slides shown off that it uses ‘Time of Flight’ Technology which basically measures time it takes the photo to come back to the Kinect, even claiming that it works even in the darkness.

Xbox One uses 3 OS: Xbox: Windows Kernel and which basically behind snap and voice recognition. The new Kinect can track your body movements accurately.  Smart Glass’s implementation with Xbox One lets you have more interaction, however not much was revealed during this time.

Xbox Live will be on Xbox One backed by 300,000 servers. Games and other content are saved in the Cloud. Xbox One has integrated tools to record and editing your gameplay.

Andrew Wilson from EA talked about EA Sports on Xbox One who said that that have developed 4 EA sports game: FIFA ’14, Madden ’14, NBA Live and UFC. EA sports will also be using EA Sports Ignite engine for Xbox One which basically uses human emotion, human intelligence and true player motion to give more intense gameplay based on what the athletes of the respected games have said. EA Sports will be having some exclusive content called ‘FIFA 14 Ultimate Team’. EA Sports will reveal the rest of the information later this year.


Phil Spencer from Microsoft Studios said that they signed up exclusively with content makers to provide content unlikely previous generation to provide enhanced and more personal gameplay. Currently their team is working on original content and amazing gameplay to utilize the console to its full potential. One of them is Forza Motorsports 5. Turn 10 studios is the one designed the game and will launch at the same time the console is released. They’ve also revealed a game called Quantum Break.



Bonnie Ross spoke more about Halo where she said that its more than a game for hero as one can immerse in the Sci-Fi game and also had web series ‘Forward onto dawn’. With interactive TV on Xbox One will have Halo TV series made by Steven Spielberg. For him using the Halo Universe is an excitement experience. But this will be a premium content for Xbox One.

Xbox makers have to partnered with NFL to have an immersive experience for the game.  Xbox One will be launched worldwide later this year. More information will be revealed during E3. Before signing off, the trailer of next generation Call of Duty, but it will not be called as Modern Warfare 4, but as confirmed before, it will be Ghosts, but with newer characters and includes a dog as one of the characters in the game.  It will use newer weapons, helmet designs and immersive battlefield experience. It uses fluid dynamics and interactive smoke. There will also be multiplayer with dynamic maps feature with interactive map experience. There’s character customization which is said to enhance the multiplayer experience.

The game will be first available in Xbox One.  Activision said that this will be the most ‘beautiful’ COD game they’ve ever made and they showed a side-by-side comparison with high definition and using actual scans of the dog for the dog character. The arms will also have more texture resolution like dirt, bruises and cuts which was not seen in older COD games. The game will take advantage of volumetric lightning and fluid textures. Of course it will also use voice controls as well.

The trailer of Call of Duty: Ghosts were also shown with gameplay happening in jungles, underwater and even during the time when ‘hell breaks loose’ during floods,building falling down and even a scene involving a submarine.

To sum up everything I was able to see and understand, Microsoft really tried hard to have exclusive content on their console, but not just for games, but also TV series like Halo which will be made by Steven Spielberg. Sure, the implementations seem impressive but its something you would expect Microsoft to implement: like 802.11 N with Wi-Fi direct, better Kinect sensor and even USB 3.0. It makes more sense that way, considering that in order for an entertainment unit to be popular is to have popular and exclusive content. Since Microsoft has few exclusive content being used in previous generation consoles, they have a decent enough audience to justify that and pull more users to adopt their console.

But for those looking for a one stop entertainment solution, they’ll probably like this and look forward to it.

But, Microsoft didn’t say anything about backwards compatibility and maybe even more questions that are there in our minds. For them to be answered, we’ll need to wait for E3.

Edit: Its confirmed by IGN that Xbox One will not have backward compatibility with older games.

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