Motherboards with fixed versions of Intel 8-Series chipset to arrive in September

Previously, it was reported that Intel’s 8 series has a problem when using many USB 3.0 drives, that the USB drives never used to get detected after waking up from sleep mode.

Later on, it was brushed away as a ‘minor’ problem which can be fixed by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Intel was kind enough to fix it and has been distributing the newer and the fixed version of Intel 8 series chipsets for notebooks and motherboards since July, but most likely these notebooks with the newer chipsets will most likely arrive by September or October in the retail stores, according to PC manufacturers.

There’s no word from the manufacturers however if they plan to have some sort of an indication that its motherboards come with the new chipset, as they did with the ‘B3’ rev label on Intel 6 series chipsets which was reported to have SATA issues.

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