93 Motospeed CK108 Mechanical Outemu Blue keyboard

Motospeed CK108 Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Disclosure: The Motospeed CK108 mechanical keyboard is provided by Banggood!

About Banggood and the Motospeed CK108…

Thanks to some online retail websites we get to find a lot of useful things that cost less. Websites like these ship products around the world. Banggood has a good collection of PC peripherals like mechanical keyboards. Motospeed CK108 is one of the more popular versions known by users typically searching for a good deal on mechanical keyboards but aren’t ready to spend a lot of money for Cherry MX keyboards such as the TteSports Meka Pro, CM Masterkeys Pro L and the HyperX Alloy FPS keyboard.

The Motospeed CK108 mechanical keyboard uses Outemu blue switches which are the first for me. So when Banggood a choice to import something and naturally Motospeed peripherals is the first to come to mind.

Packaging and Contents

The product landed in India on time so the problem is unfortunately with customs. The package was sent in a four-layered wrap- courier bag, foam sheet and two layers Motospeed box. Inside, you get the CK108 keyboard, a wrist rest attachment, and a key puller.

Features and Specification

Motospeed CK108 is advertised to have programmable macro switches, a real report rate up to 1000Hz, support for all keys without conflict (meaning no ghosting or rollover issues), 16.8 million types of colour with customization options, ‘free’ EEPROM and flash memory. I wanted to know about its utility but it simply does not work. Motospeed should really improve their website and availability of information and drivers if they want more people around the world to know about its peripherals.

The following information is from the packaging:

  • FN combination multimedia function keys
  • One key quick lock WIN
  • Striking light indicator
  • Aluminum Alloy Panel
  • Floating structure design
  • Removable hand holder design
  • Support all keys without conflict (All keys have the response)
  • Double injection keycaps
  • Definition RGB backlit system
  • Macro Program buttons
  • Real Report Rate up to 1000 Hz
  • 16.8 million kinds of colour, colour edit customizable
  • Free EEPROM memory, chips adopt flash memory
  • Dimensions: 440 mm x 195 mm x 40 mm

The hand holder is the wrist rest attachment. But what’s very interesting is that the keycaps are double injection moulds. Sweet! The more expensive and upper tier brands don’t provide them by default.

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