MSI Z590 Intel Motherboard launch 2021

MSI to host a grand online event to showcase its Intel Z590, B590 motherboards

Hot on the tail to be in sync with Intel’s official NDA, MSI is going to showcase its 500 series motherboards- the Z590 and the mid-range B560 variants. This online event can be accessed globally on March 31st 2021 at 01.30 PM IST/ 4.00 pm Taiwan time). You can watch the MSI x Intel Launch Event 2021 from here.

Visitor goodies

It is safe to say MSI will show more than motherboards such as the graphics card and other components. MSI is also having a giveaway, including two of it being its products the MSI MAG274QRF-QD monitor and the MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon Wifi. Some of the Z590 and the monitor is listed so you can check the specs and pricing in real-time. B560 motherboards are not listed but that showed change on March 31st.

It is not every day you see the new chipsets showcased and on retail before the launch of the CPU family. This also puts a lot of folks in a situation where they can show the motherboard but restricted to Intel’s NDA. This isn’t the first whoopsie by Intel, but this time the 500 series and Rocket Lake CPUs, for what situation it put itself in, has a very significant difference- such as 20 PCIe x16 slot, fine-tuned memory overclocking and everything Intel mentioned earlier.

It also included the XBox Series X for a giveaway, too. Interesting to see a console in a PC giveaway. But at the end of the day, consoles are glorified PC with a proprietary ecosystem. Its controller can also be used on the PC so it goes pretty well, together.

MSI Range of motherboards

MSI has many well-known sub-brandings of motherboards such as Mortar, Carbon, GodLike, Torpedo and many others. Some of the Z590 and B560 motherboards are already listed in MSI. Usually, and if necessary, MSI does provide newer or updated sub-variants (like the Mortar MAX series for AMD platforms). The Intel 400 and 500 series motherboard work with Intel 10th and 11th generation CPUs (except B460). But one also need to take care of VRM capabilities. MSI has a good Tier 1 history of having generation good and great motherboards. So one will look forward to what their offerings will be on this platform.

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