MSI India to restart operations in 2H 2014

Earlier, we’ve reported that MSI India was restructuring its Indian operations a bit over a year ago when rumours of the company making a quick and silent exist circled around many Indian based tech forums. It seems that the company is ready to restart its operations, though MSI India didn’t make any official comments. According to the representative, MSI India will restart its operations in 2H 2014.

msi_logo_newThis report is based on a member in multiple tech forums claiming to be a company representative for MSI India and also mining contact details from those who are interested to purchase its gaming notebook. He also revealed that the after-sales will now be handled by SmartLink. Though it wasn’t clear when it will restart its operations, suffice to say we should be able to see a series of graphic cards, motherboards and even GT and GE series gaming notebooks from the brand.

On a personal note, MSI India’s representative is doing a pretty good job in trying to get involved in MSI related threads and queries by discussing with the members of few Indian tech forums rather than carrying the ‘high-and-mighty’ one-way salesman pitch-type company representatives who might as well be bots that I’ve observed from few reps posting in forums that usually alienates members. Hopefully, it should work in MSI India favour. Who wouldn’t like to see a company being involved with people within multiple discussion forums to understand people, rather than behaving like sour grapes when facts are brought in front of them which is a benefit for them to begin with. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a company doing a right thing, rather than doing under-the-table politics or promoting in a fraudulent/ questionable manner- or by showing interest only to click photos and shoving series of feedback given during ‘power user’ local meets.

It should be noted that another Taiwan based motherboard manufacturer Biostar switched to SmartLink as a choice of third party RMA service about a month ago, but will still be continuing Abacus Peripherals as a choice of distributor.

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