MSI outs GT80 Titan Gaming Notebook with Cherry MX Mechanical keys

As impressive as it sounds, MSI is the first to release a gaming notebook with Cherry MX mechanical keys. MSI GT80 Titan is the latest gaming notebook in its arsenal with Nvidia GTX 980M graphics, but along with SteelSeries and Cherry, MSI was able to implement a backlit mechanical keyboard on a gaming notebook.

MSI’s partnership with Steelseries has been very long, and along with the reliability of Cherry switches, this will attract a lot of desktop gamers who don’t appreciate gaming notebooks because of chiclet-type keyboards.

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The World’s 1st Gaming Laptop with Mechanical Keyboard
MSI debuts the“GT80 Titan” Gaming Notebook

Taipei, Taiwan – Leading gaming notebook manufacturer and innovator, MSI, announced its latest gaming notebook dubbed the GT80. As expected, it comes with leading NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics, but the centerpiece of the GT80 notebook is the world’s first backlit mechanical SteelSerieskeyboard equipped with Cherry switches. Joint engineering and software development between MSI and SteelSeries promise ultimate comfort for long gaming sessions, and switches from mechanical switch specialist Cherry guarantees long-time reliability.

“As the first of its kind, the MSI GT80 Titan takes a step into the future by integrating a proper mechanical keyboard with Cherry switches into the 18-inch mobile gaming beast. Apart from this, the GT80 also features NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics, Intel’s best and latest mobile CPU as well as our usual selection of carefully developed MSI gaming technologies,” said Eric Kuo, VP of Global Sales & Marketing at MSI Notebook.

Standard Mechanical keyboard: Standard keycap and CHERRY brown MX switch

GT80 is World’s 1st and the only notebook equipped with GAMING mechanical keyboard. In the past, so many gamers wondered if a mechanical keyboard could ever be combined with laptops? Now, MSI has finally done it! GT80 uses standard mechanical keycap and Cherry’s standard brown MX switch, providing excellent tactile typing feedback to enhance gaming experience for gamers!

Keyboard Functionality Powered by SteelSeries

To provide the best experience for gamers, MSI worked with our long-term partner, SteelSeries, the gaming peripherals leader who brought the first mechanical keyboards to gamers and aided in the keyboard development of previous MSI gaming notebooks. With the new GT80 mechanical gaming notebooks, the keyboards are powered by SteelSeries through its anti-ghosting design (N-key rollover) and SteelSeries Engine software suite.

SteelSeries EngineFeatures CloudSync and Low CPU

To fully utilize GT80’s fantastic mechanical keyboard, this machine is equipped the new SteelSeries Engine, the fast and efficient software suite now with CloudSync, SteelSeries cloud storage system that will save and synchronize all SteelSeries peripherals.  Gamers can switch between different configurations inside of the same or different games by just one-click through a macro key that can be programmed by SteelSeries Engine!

New ERA of gaming laptop keyboards for real,” says Sam Chern, Marketing Director at MSI Notebook. “The GT80 Titan easily beats any mobile system with top-level CPU and GPU graphics card you can think of, while still being a mobile system.At the same time we are very excited about our cooperation with SteelSeries on the GT80, which has resulted in the best keyboard ever seen on a notebook.”

Despite the mechanical keyboard requiring over five times as much space to function, 27mm compared to a membrane keyboard’s 5mm, the GT80 manages to be the thinner than its closest rival. At 49.1mm thick and a weight of 4.7kg it is a full 17% thinner and weighs 22% less, despite the rival using a conventional membrane keyboard.


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