MSI prepping Z87 XPower Motherboard


MSI recently has put up a video what is speculated to be their latest flagship motherboard based on Intel’s Z87 Chip for the 4th generation Haswell processors with the mode ‘Z87 XPower’. No official specifications were given, as expected since the NDA for Lynx-Point or Haswell is not yet lifted. But That doesn’t stop manufacturers from giving away its flagship by ‘indirect’ ways.

MSI has been putting teaser video to hint about their flagship model in their videos. Recently they’ve put a video with different overclockers during their competition to pitch their near-future flagship model with a Huge X Logo on the motherboard’s heatsink.


Recently, MSI UK has also put up couple of new photos of their motherboard. Its obvious that MSI will be sticking with their “Military Class” components with Super Ferrite chokes and Solid C-Caps. The second photo show their usual implementation: Power On/Off, Voltage unlock, Voltage adjustment switches, OC Switch and even their OC Genie buttons, followed their contact points for the multimeter. Their Facebook post says “You will directly notice how clean our new “OC PCB” looks, we removed all the unnecessary logos, technical labels and even the lines around the CPU socket, and this all gives the board a much better look & feel.”

In any case, its only a matter of time other manufacturers, especially 2 of the leading motherboard manufacturers Gigabyte and Asus show off their product lineups as well. Stay tuned for any updates.

Via: WCCFTech

  1. that area around the CPU socket is very neat, clean and organized. looks like gigabyte clone..

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