Samsung NAND Austin Plant

NAND prices are expected to increase by next quarter by 8%

According to recent reports, Samsung is temporarily shutting off its NAND flash plant in Austin Texas. Like with every major manufacturer of anything, this will resonate through the market including price and supplies. Because of this, we would be seeing an increase between 3% to 8% in the second quarter. The prediction is made by TrendForce.

Samsung has to halt its Texas operations due to the winter storm Texas faced. Along with Samsung, NXP Semiconductors and Infineon Technologies were forced to shut off their Austin operations. This is needed so that Austin can utilise the power used by these industries for people’s homes. The winter storm resulted in widespread shut off of power and other utilities through few weeks. Even though it was eventually restored, the damaged caused by it is something that will take much longer.

This isn’t the first time something had a price increase due to the violent climate effect. Mechanical HDDs is one of the industries that took a very long time to recover.

Price Projections NAND Flash Q1 2021- Q2 2021

NAND flash controllers have been in huge demand to be used in notebooks. There has been a surplus increase of internal flash storage due to series of lockdown around the world and work-at-home order. Many SSD makers are stocking up on controllers and NAND just in case. But if you’re in the market to buy a good SSD, now is the time to grab it at a good price while you still can.

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