NCASE M1 SFF Computer Case Crowdfunding Campaign officially Started

For those who are not familiar, couple of guys have started a project to build a Small form factor (SFF) computer case while taking advice from [H]ardForum members. Now that after their hard work behind R&D is completed, followed by a successful crowd funding for a prototype build and product testing, the NCASE M1 is ready for production and now have started a project to mass produce the case.

The M1 will be manufactured by Lian Li, and is a mini-ITX design built in a way to occupy as less space as possible while giving the facility to mount a lot of hardware and even 12+ long graphic cards.

The crowd funding is hosted at Indiegogo, and since it takes more than 70 days for manufacturing and shipping to United States, the delivery will only happen in January. Its made with Anodized 1.5mm aluminum. It was also added that Swiftech H220 and Corsair H100 will fit, though 2 units of 120mm closed loops may not fit. It was also recommended to stick with coolers under 35mm thickness, but hinted that coolers with thicker radiators may fit.

Unlike most SFF cases which only allow a limited selection of configurations and components, the M1 was designed from the outset with flexibility in mind. Whether it’s a multitude of drives, high-performance air cooling, or even custom water cooling, the M1 gives you the freedom to choose what’s important in your build.

Along with the black, you also have the silver finish. If you crowd fund $205 (plus $40 for outside USA shipping), you are eligible to get your hands on this case. At the time of writing, 217 out of 600 case orders are confirmed and an amount of $49,267 out of $67,500 with 21 days to spare is raised. Its still not clear if this will arrive via traditional retail channels, or that Lian Li would start making this case on their own.


Dimensions: 240 * 160 * 328mm, 12.6L (250 * 160 * 338mm overall)
Motherboard support: Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX
Liquid cooling support: Single 120mm or 240mm slim radiator
PSU: SFX, ATX (limited)
3 x 3.5″ mounts:

  • 1 on case floor
  • 2 in removable side bracket (cannot be used with dual radiator)

3 x 2.5″ mounts:

  • 1 inside chassis front
  • 1 behind front panel (in place of optical drive)
  • 1 on case bottom (in place of 3.5″ drive)
  • included double-stacking bracket allows 2 x 2.5″ drives on one mount (depending on drive thickness)

Vertically mounted slim slot-load optical drive


  • 4 120mm fan mounts
  • 2 on side bracket
  • 2 on case bottom (in place of 3.5″ drive)
  • 1 x 80/92mm fan mount (bottom)
  • 1 x 80/92mm fan mount (rear)

Front ports: 2 x USB 3.0, microphone and headphone jacks
Power button: red/blue power/drive activity LED
Material: aluminum

Size restrictions and recommendations:

CPU Cooler:

  • Top-down coolers are recommended.
  • Height restriction: 130mm
  • Cooler cannot extend past the top of the board by more than 10mm. For many larger coolers, this limits motherboard choice to those with centrally-located sockets.
  • Large coolers that extend past the front of the board will prevent the 3.5″ HDD cage from being used.


  • Sealed liquid coolers or integrated pump/block and radiator/res recommended.
  • Single 120mm or 240mm radiators only.
  • Thinner radiators only (under 40mm).
  • Fans in push/pull are not recommended due to space constraints.


  • Rear exhaust cards recommended.
  • Max length: 12.5″ (slots 1 & 2), 11″ (slot 3)
  • Max width:
    -For cards up to 11.5″ in the first or second slot: 5.5″ (4.7″ at the PCIe power connectors)
    -For cards up to 12.5″ or cards in the third slot: 4.4″

Power supply:

  • SFX up to 130mm, modular or non-modular.
  • ATX support via included bracket is limited to 140mm non-modular PSUs with cards longer than 200mm. ATX PSUs are not recommended due to limited room for long cables.

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