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The new ‘Corsair Gaming’ logo annoys fans and buyers

Corsair introduced the new “Corsair Gaming’ branding with a new logo that seem to have pissed a lot of good folks of the PC Master Race. Usually, when a company does such changes, its usually refreshing. But judging by people’s reactions, the new Corsair Gaming logo doesn’t seem to be a good idea at all.

corsair logo
Old Logo (Left) compared with ‘new’ Corsair Gaming logo (right)

For those who don’t know anything about the PC Master race, Corsair is long known to make memory kits. Eventually started shying away from ‘Corsair memory’ to just ‘Corsair’ as they started making a lot more than flash-based products. Many of the stuff are known to be great- like 600T and 400R. I’ve reviewed some of their products. They had some good and some great products. Unfortunately, their respected Indian PR agency wanted me to hide negatives in the middle of the pages. Why?  So that ‘the executives won’t read them’ and a lot more rather than disputing the cons- which till date they couldn’t. It seemed way too obvious (judging by what they said about Corsair’s India and APAC executives) that the brand isn’t too interested in collecting feedback and improving their product. If they prefer someone who snapped off 500R’s top panel and posted a video of them doing it- hey! Whom am I to right the wrongs and point their flaws for their benefit, yeah? sarcasm I am happy that a thought of compromising the output of reviews didn’t come to my mind. However, it was unfortunate that the questioned PR agency took it as their job to label my site as ‘brand bashers’ and ‘mischief mongers’ with another brand. With this experience, I am just not too sure if Corsair would be listening to its own users and potential customers. As expected, conversations around many tech forums have started and piling up pages. Few of them in Corsair forums did just that. A user nicknamed ‘Voonex’ posted:

But I still waited for the Corsair one to be ready, because they did it first, and I was still riding hype from back in June. I was very excited today when I found a thread detailing the availability of pre-orders for the new brown switch K95 RGB, the keyboard I’ve been waiting on personally. I was equally disappointed when I got to the NewEgg page, ready to throw my money at the screen, and realized the classy, understated and familiar Corsair logo at the top of the keyboard had been replaced with an ugly, edgy looking tribal graphic and the word “Gaming” sticking out nice and bright in yellow. It really shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s just a logo. It doesn’t change the keyboard’s great feel, premium build quality, and great feature set.

Another user LeadFox said:

Corsair please stop with the “L337 G4m3r” stuff. It’s almost as tacky as Razer, and tacky is the reason I don’t buy from your competitors. The sleek professional look is classy, and I want it to stay classy. If you absolutely must appeal to the 13 year old demographic (which you shouldn’t because they aren’t the ones buying your stuff) then at least offer your products in both versions so the vast majority of your loyal customers can stay happy.

In all fairness, people ‘from the other side’ spoke on the defensive side, saying that people have behaving like kiddies. Whether or not this is childish, that’s up to you. The real issue (lol, “issue”) is that Corsair’s ‘Galleon’ logo is just way too classy and timeless. It a logo that you’d love to have on a metal case badge or on your case, T-shirt, wallpaper, etc. Something that’s loved for its simplicity that its extreme hard for people to accept the tribal/”tramp-stamp” styled design. Its like when David Tennant’s character in Dr. Who re-generated and then popped out Matt Smith, who was hated until the time his character regenerated. Okay, so maybe comparing David Tennant with Matt Smith is a bad analogy for some people, but that’s the thing. One man’s opinion is another man’s fart. But the word “gaming” is so cliche that I am happy that CM is stuck with CM Storm- and hopefully they won’t make the same move towards such a cliche for their products. Besides, gaming emphasized products (depending on the brand) has a black spot of being considered a lower grade products among hardcore and loyal hardware enthusiasts. Its only been a while since some companies have been making good enough gaming-centric peripherals. Before then, Logitech hailed and loved before it was cool (and its still loved, mind you!). Personally, I don’t understand the choice of yellow coloured font for gaming, and the heart-shaped tribal design. But I wouldn’t go THAT far that I wouldn’t purchase or recommend their products, provided its good for the price and the service is good enough. Would you not buy a product due to a logo change that you don’t like, assuming the product is good if not best? That’s an individual choice. There are those conversations that happen in well-known tech forums who love keyboards with minimal branding- at least on the top section. Hopefully, other brands will keep a close eye on people’s opinion and make plans accordingly. Afterall, they’re getting free case study at another company’s expense. Ofcourse, if you hate it THAT much, there’s no harm in ranting out in your preferred tech forums– or even signing a petition. Edit: Just to add, psus, cases, memory kits and CPU coolers will still have the same old logo. George from Corsair said via his Facebook that the rest of the products will still the Galleon logo, while the gaming peripherals will have the new tribal art.

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