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Noctua confirms LGA 115x cooler compatibility with LGA 1200 motherboards 

The Intel Z490 is a new chipset with the all-new Comet Lake-S CPUs using an all-new LGA 1200 socket. Upgrade path for mid-to-high-end is an expensive affair. But the same mounting hole measurements provides cross-compatibility between these sockets. As a result, every CPU coolers- air and liquid- designed for LGA 115x socket, will fit on LGA 1200 socket out-of-the-box. This is great as many enthusiasts use many good mid-to-high-end CPU coolers and since LGA 115x has been around for a while, it incurs a bit of an expense to get a kit, assuming manufacturers will sell an aftermarket version.

Noctua confirmed this while Intel or any other company didn’t really say anything… yet. The Austrian-based PC cooling company typically makes an aftermarket CPU socket kits and ships them for customers with existing units. The company wouldn’t need to do it for the LGA 1200 mounting hole’s cross-compatibility. The post was made in its aftermarket CPU kit:

The heatsink mounting on Intel’s new LGA1200 platform (codenamed Comet Lake-S) is identical to all LGA115x sockets (LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156). Therefore, all Noctua CPU coolers that support LGA115x also support LGA1200 and don’t require any mounting updates. Many other cooler models that do not support LGA115x can be made compatible free of charge with the NM-i115x Upgrade-Kit.

LGA 1200 LGA 115X mounting

Thanks to this, LGA 115x gets a very long life. The socket was released in 2009, with its first being the 1156 socket. The serial information leaker posted the drawings of these sockets. The LGA 1200 has an additional 49 pins which allegedly provides better power delivery.

The State of Intel

It is alleged that Intel Z490 motherboards will be 60% more expensive than its predecessor. But we can hope Intel would pull a fast and enable its partners for competitive pricing. The chipmaking giant would have a hard time to compete because of the AMD Ryzen’s performance and value. Just recently, AMD announced Ryzen 3 CPUs and the B550 chipset with PCIe 4.0 x16 support. The company is expected to release AMD 4000 series CPU by August or September 2020. The new CPUs have Zen 4 architecture which contains performance and IPC improvements. We dont know how these CPUs perform. But Intel needs to be priced competitively enough to be considered as an option.

For what’s worth, the cross-compatibility for the CPU coolers is appreciated.

Noctua confirms LGA 115x cooler compatibility with LGA 1200 motherboards from HardwareBBQ

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