Noctua intros new Chromax fans, accessories

Noctua is well known for its premium products, very long six years warranty and its choice of colours. That changed a bit when it introduced industrialPPC and its redux fans. Seeing that most of the system build revolves around aesthetics, Noctua released its new Chromax series of fans and accessories.Resistance is futile! While it is not RGB LED with Noctua fans (yet), but they have come up with all-black NF-A15, NF-A12, NF-F12, ND-S12A. These are switchable rubber grommets for its corners, whose colours red green, blue, yellow, black and white. In any case its comforting to see Noctua is having non LED fans unlike most manufacturers out there.

There are differences between its redux, IndustrialPPC and Chromax series fans. While it places itself above the redux variants, it stays somewhere below IndustrialPPC as it has IP52 and IP67 rated fans. Regardless, all have six years warranty.

Speaking of accessories, Noctua also made heatsink covers for its long-running, tried-and-tested Noctua NH-U12S and the NH-D15s. They also come in different colours and with Chromax branding. These faceplates all the way to its bottom section This is much better and simple faceplate design compared to the AORUS XTC700 CPU cooler I’ve reviewed which creates a headache during installation.

The new Chromax lineup’s suggested pricing are as follows:

Chromax Fans

Chromax Heatsink Covers

Chromax Cables

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