Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Closer Look
  4. Mounting and Motherboard Clearance
  5. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  6. Temperature Readouts and Observations
  7. Conclusion
  8. Online Purchase Links

Noctua sent its NH-D15 CPU cooler, and like its coolers that I’ve tested so far, they usually stand apart from most CPU air cooler manufacturers, something that other manufacturer would agree. I am a fan of their bolt through kits- simple, effective and strong. The built quality of the CPU coolers is always respected- from the heat fins to the heatbase. NH-D15 CPU cooler is the successor of NH-D14. This is a dual tower cooler with 6 heatpipes with widened fin stack and heatpipe designs. This cooler is bundled with two NF-A15 140mm fans and it’s designed to ensure RAM clearance of up to 64mm, for those who have tall memory heatspreaders.

Yes, there are CPU water coolers with different radiator sizes. But then, there’s massive coolers like the Noctua NH-D15.


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