Noctua outs NH-U12DX i4 and NH-U9DX i4

Noctua release 2 new i4 series CPU cooler made for LGA 2011 (Square and narrow ILM), LGA 1356 and LGA 1366 based systems using Intel Xeon platform. The fans as one would expect has a PWM controller and bundled with their SecuFirm2, LNA adapter and Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste- NH-U12DX i4 and NH-U9DX i4.

The U12DX i4 is bundled with 1x NF-F12 120mm fan whereas U9DX i4 comes with 2x NF B9 92mm fans. The U12DX i4 has 45mm as fin depth, therefore the design of the heatsink allows easy access to the motherboard’s DIMM slots and even allow installation of memory kits with tall heatspreaders. The U9DX i4 is made with 125mm height, so that this way you can install them on standard 4U server chassis. As it can be seen, they’re made specifically servers in mind.

As of now they come with the suggested retail price of $74.90 (NH-U12DX i4) and $64.90 (NH-U9DX i4). The specifications and pictures are as follows:

NH-U12DX i4:

NH-U12DX i4 spec



NH-U9DX i4:

NH-U9DX i4 spec



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