Noctua NH-U12S Redux Kit

Noctua releases NH-U12S Redux CPU Cooler for a lower price

Noctua is strongly considered as a CPU cooler manufacturer with a very high standard, quality, durability, free socket kits for future-ready CPU coolers and hence the price. It also includes fans (addressed with the IndustrialPPC range). But Noctua announced the REDUX series of CPU coolers starting with the well-known NH-U12S.

The Noctua NH-U12S REDUX is sold at an MSRP price of 49.90€. As a result, it is 10€/ 20€ cheaper than the NH-U12S standard/ Chromax Edition. Noctua didn’t provide US MSRP at the time of writing. But it is about a 12$ to 24$ reduction when converted to USD. The retail pricing might be lesser depending on purchase location and availability. Currently, it is listed for US$ 49.

The Main Difference…

Noctua NH-U12S Redux ComparisonThe main difference is the bundled fan which is now the NF-P12 1,700 RPM Redux fan with a grey colour scheme as opposed to the signature beige/ brown colour scheme. The advertised rating shows 2dB higher than the standard fan. There’s a reduced heatpipe down to 4 versus 5 on the NH-U12S. There’s no Low Noise Adapter, no second fan clip, NT-H1 is pre-applied on the base. The other difference is that there’s no soldered interface between heatpipes and the fins. Not sure if Noctua is also omitting the all-metal screwdriver and the Noctua case badge.

It comes with the same SecuFirm2 bracket system for AMD and Intel. The Austrian company claims this does not affect the performance of the cooler.

Though the company never makes a guarantee, Noctua typically gives new brackets to compatible CPU coolers to its customers on request whenever there’s a new platform with new mounting holes. Assuming Noctua U12S series is good enough to cover the IHS of the upcoming AMD and Intel platform, they would. That is going to happen this year and the next. AMD is shifting to another socket as planned for its future Ryzen CPUs. Intel will also shift to a socket design for Alder Lake- the LGA 1700– which is expected for late 2021/ early 2022 release. We’re not sure about anything of these upcoming sockets. But if the IHS exceeds the size of the heatsink’s coverage area, it is obvious all CPU cooler makers will need to re-introduce new models or just start from scratch.

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