Noctua releases NH-L9 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Noctua introduced its NH-L9 series. Unlike typical Noctua CPU coolers, there are two variants for two CPU platforms- the NH-L9i for Intel and the NH-L9a for the AMD platform. Naturally, the low-profile CPU has some advantages for slim PCs as its z-axis height measures with the low profile of 37mm.


The coolers with “i” and “a” are specifically designed keeping Intel LGA 115x and AMD FMx sockets keep-out zones. NHL9i measures 95x 95mm whereas a version has a footprint of 92x 114mm. Bunded with the heatsink is the NF-A9x14 premium fans with the support for PWM, fan speed from 2500 to 1800rpm and stays remarkably quiet added with Noctua’s Secufirm2 mounting brackets which makes NH-L9a compatible with AMD FM1/FM2/AM3+ sockets and NHL9i compatible with LGA 1150/1155/1156. The heatsink is readily available at the recommended retail price of EUR 39.90/ USD 47.90


With size comes limitations. This is not an exception for Noctua even with a premium grade CPU cooler. Noctua specifically mentions the limitation for both the CPU coolers as it is not meant for overclocking. This is because it is designed for 65-watt/95-watt TDP processors. When you overclock, you obviously increase the clock speed and therefore its TDP will increase according to the processing load.

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  1. I wish power supply brands encouraged the sales of passive power supplies as well now that we have mini itx boards, cases and now coolers in full swing. i am curious to see how this will do against ultima 90i…but 92mm fan…wonder how it will do with quaddies with high tdp. not that i am doubting noctua, but i am sure this is made more for quiet operation over enthusiasts…

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