Noise Cancellation can boost internet connections

A new research pointed that out that the same technology used in headphones can be used to provide better quality internet speeds- noise cancellation.

As the research points out, once the background noise is eliminated, this would provide a better signal across optic fiber network, therefore provide faster and more reliable internet connection by 400%. The background noise is created when the main signal is travelling over a long-distance fiber-optic network. Once it is eliminated, this would result in 500 Gbits per second transfer rates over the network spanning 12,800 km.

Another benefit is that this will improve the existing long-distance fiber-optic networks without making big investments or change any hardware in any Internet service providers’ infrastructure. The paper is published by Xiang Liu of Bell Laboratories.


The implementation and the feasibility of the implementation, however, are something we’ll need to see. But considering that Google is pushing its fiber-optic program one city at a time in U.S. which is making a lot of service providers nervous, one can only but imagine that it is just a matter of time that this will be used.

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