Nvidia confirms RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition pre-order shipments, users confirmed delivery

The story so far…

Earlier, it was reported about delays for Nvidia RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition shipment and delivery. With the release of the Windows 10 October 2018 update and the Windows 10 only GeForce driver 416.16 WHQL drivers, the only factor remaining were the release of DXR enabled games and the RTX 2080Ti which was never shipped to those have pre-ordered the graphics card.

Initially, the shipment of the RTX Turing flagship was destined to be shipped between September 20th and 27th. This never happened, therefore the delays and follow-ups were emailed to its early adopters without any sign of re-assurance or apology, The date for commencing shipment is finally fixed for October 5th (tomorrow for the west, today on this side of the planet).

The response in the GeForce forum

There is a clear indication, however, that the RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition should be delivered. Nvidia moderators posted an update in its GeForce forum:

“Today we began shipping GeForce RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition to those who pre-ordered from NVIDIA.com and had an original ship date in September. These will all ship by October 5th. GeForce RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition pre-orders on NVIDIA.com with an original ship date in October will ship by October 10, 2018. You will receive an email with tracking details once your order has shipped.”

Some users have reported successful delivery. 

Series of issues till date

There is an issue with Nvidia in regards to customer service, or has been said by many users in the following comments:

Realistically, these are no longer Founder’s Edition but late adopters editions. Good times. Still doesn’t explain why CCs were magically charged last week with a 1-2 day notice, when things weren’t ready to ship (not that processing a CC takes more than 30 seconds anyway). Of course, the system for collecting money wasn’t down.

While I understand there were logistical/supply chain problems, those things happen, that’s no excuse for the poor communication and lack of transparency.

According to customers, Nvidia did assure it will not charge its customers until it is released and shipped 13 days ago:

Pre-order adopters and Customer Support left in the dark?

At the time the last delay notification was given, many users notified Nvidia via its GeForce forums about seeing its order updates as ‘Processing’ after payment was taken. There were also issues regarding PayPal payment rejections. The issue further escalates when Nvidia customer support does not know what to say. An early adopter for two RTX 2080Ti graphics card said:

Ordered 2 2080TI’s on the 20th before Jensen announced the cards. Got the email that PayPal was rejected two weeks later. Called customer service right away, gave CC#, tried 2 times, got declined and was told to call my bank, called the bank, no issue on there end whatsoever, called back customer service, declined the 3rd attempt but successful the 4th time. Got a new order number cause had to cancel original preorder in order to put it through. 1-2 business days update on 9/28 and still nothing for shipping. Its the end of the 4th business day now.

I am irate at this point with this. Called customer service twice now asking where my order is as I got the ship by 10/5 email but they can’t provide any insight and won’t even attempt to escalate the matter in order to help me out.

Another user notified:

Would you mind adding me to this list as well? I pre-ordered on August 20th EARLY in the keynote (11:40 AM MST), have received the shipping by Oct 5 email, and my status says it’s still in Processing since last Thursday. I’m from Canada as a few other people on this list.

I’d love to know why the orders didn’t go FIFO, but I don’t care anymore. I’d just like my card.

An early adopter from the United Kingdom said:

Can’t sleep so checked my order still processing I’m starting to think why did I do PayPal feel scammed I know I’m venting but your own cs has no information for me so how am I meant to find anything out or just wait blindly whilst trying not to get annoyed that I bought it on the 20th with the SEP 20th date with a big lack of information first Nvidia experience through your shop and I will guess last it’s got to be the worst mess and just stupid how the cs team have no information I spoke to 3 different people who just said well I dunno wait till tomorrow sorry that’s not good enough for £1100 I am very frustrated.

Availability of non-reference editions

The non-reference  RTX 2080Ti from respective manufacturers are available in stores and online retailers for a while. The RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition early adopters have forcefully become late adopters but no empathy or reason was given. Communication, especially with a customer in a community-driven enthusiast market, is a two-way road. There shouldn’t be any delays with pre-order shipments and the lack of information encourages speculation. While Nvidia RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition has started shipping, the experience of being an early adopter evaporated as soon as its partners starting selling these graphics cards. Hopefully, the experience will push Nvidia in the right direction.

About the RTX 2080 and the RTX 2080Ti…

The RTX 2080Ti is a tempting option in the high-end category. This is because there is nothing to compare it against. The performance of the RTX 2080 with non-RTX title performance matches the previous generation flagship GTX 1080Ti. Nobody can talk about ray tracing performance in games because of no operating system support (until recently), no driver support (until recently) and no DXR enabled games which should be out in the coming days. Regardless, many people expected the RTX 2080’s performance to exceed RTX 1080Ti at the least in non-RTX titles.

RTX 20 series Founder Edition availability in India

Nvidia RTX 2080Ti Founder Edition is listed as ‘Out of Stock’ with a limit of two per customer. The RTX 2080 is available for purchase with two per person limit. There is a price listing of the GeForce RTX 2070. All the card pricing above includes shipping (which Nvidia India calls it as free) and GST. But no pre-book for that card yet. The only card available for purchase is the one many are skeptical to purchase – the RTX 2080 Founders Edition. Unless a series of RTX enabled games are out and show a decent amount of performance difference between the three.  The RTX 2070 does not have NVLink SLI support. So the two per person limitation would be a bit funny to see.

Nvidia confirms RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition pre-order shipments, users confirmed delivery from hardware

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