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Nvidia GPU roadmap updated with Maxwell, Volta

Nvidia recently has updated their GPU chipset roadmap during GPU Technology Conference 2013.  The company’s CEO first highlighted “Maxwell” which will make its debut during 2014. Maxwell is intended to double the performance and have better performance-per-watt. Maxwell will feature unified virtual memory which will allow the CPU to use the GPU’s memory module as the system’s memory. You’ll also notice Volta architecture is listed in their Roadmap charts, as you can see below.


“Volta” doesn’t come with a tentative launch date. It is interesting because the architecture will use stacked DRAM technology that will allow up to 1 TB/s GPU memory bandwidth, nearly 700 GB/s more than what Titan is capable of. Looking at this roadmap and assuming there would not be a delay, Volta architecture looks promising as we will see stacked memory architecture in discrete graphic cards. Its uncertain how AMD Radeon will progress with similar technology and its feasibility. Naturally, new tech will come with an advantage but may even common a premium. However nothing much is said about the volta architecture, including its estimated launch time frame. It might be far, far away. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

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