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Nvidia GPUs, Intel CPUs remain strong in Steam Hardware and Software Survey February 2021

In the latest survey of Steam hardware and software survey for February 2021, it reflects its global user’s collective preference for CPU and GPU.  Overall, AMD is very climbing extremely slowly at 28.51% share among Steam users, with Intel enjoying the larger piece of the pie. But AMD Radeon has been stagnant for a long time, with Nvidia enjoying 74.83% of Steam’s userbase, leaving 8.76% Intel on-CPU graphics users and 18.28% AMD users which also would include its APUs.

The State of Processing

Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t list specific SKU of the CPUs used, but the dominant variations are between 3.3GHz to 3.69 GHz from Intel, tailed by equivalent clock speed SKUs from AMD.

All the 10 graphics card are from Nvidia, while AMD Radeon RX 580 8G is at #11. While the GTX 1060 is the top choice, but GTX 1650 Ti, 1650 and RTX 2060 users have increased over the months. Further digging shows Nvidia MX350 notebook graphics started appearing on Feb 2021 GPU charts.

2021 Resolution

1080p in single and multi-monitor setup is still the most preferred resolution among most of the users, and it is unlikely to change. 1440p has been enjoying a slow but steady climb, followed by an even slower 4K resolution. This is likely going to stay for a long time.

Typically in gaming platforms, seeing a shift in GPU choices in Steam surveys is more exciting. Though I would have liked to see more involvement from AMD Radeon in these charts, these surveys show the general preference among users around the world. The reality is that AMD Radeon discrete graphics still has a long way to go. Nvidia is simply enjoying this because of years of dominance in the absence of AMD Radeon. Consistency is needed- good if not best of graphics card SKUs.

The near future affairs

Its unlikely RX 5700 XT would make a big dent, but it largely depends on AMD and if they can maintain availability and pricing. The next quarter should reflect RX 5700 XT, RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 in some noticeable position. Regardless of the chip manufacturers, older GPUs are still the most used options. But with very slow but steady 1440p adoption, its best if GPU and monitor manufacturers go hand in hand by encouraging 1440p monitors with GSync and FreeSync with a higher than 60Hz refresh rate. It also needs to be reasonably affordable and available through many manufacturers. Easier said than done, but no harm in planning for it.

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