Nvidia GTX 980 GPU Review with GeForce 344.75 WHQL Drivers

  1. Introduction
  2. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  3. 3DMark Benchmark
  4. 3D Mark 11 Benchmark
  5. 3D Mark Vantage Benchmark
  6. OpenGL Benchmark- Cinbench 11.5
  7. OpenGL Benchmark- Cinbench R15
  8. Heavens 3.0 Benchmark
  9. Sanctuary v2.3 Benchmark
  10. Game Benchmark: Batman- Arkham City
  11. Game Benchmark: Hitman- Absolution
  12. Game Benchmark: Metro 2033
  13. Game Benchmark: Shadows of Mordor
  14. Game Benchmark: Sleeping Dogs
  15. Game Benchmark: Sniper Elite V2
  16. OC Performance Analysis- 3DMark Benchmark
  17. OC Performance Analysis- Shadows of Mordor
  18. Conclusion
  19. Online Purchase Links

Like I said, Zotac 780Ti is an overclocked version of its reference counterpart, and on top of it, it has a much higher TDP compared to GTX 980 reference. It’s a no-brainer that people will be picking up GTX 980 over GTX 780Ti. Things changed. When usually cards come out, a good amount of people would buy the previous generation which would usually have a price cut. In this case, you’ll end up thinking if it’s even worth it. If a reference card has 250w TDP, imagine a non-reference counterpart. You also have to consider that the bus bandwidth is 256-bit, Vs. 384-bit. Nvidia holds the ground nicely even as a reference version.

Mind you, the TDP of GTX 980 is even lower than the GTX 680. Nvidia really did a number with the GM204 core. You really have to wonder how good Pascal can be! Or would there be a Ti version for GTX 980 with 384 bus width? Assuming it makes a difference in performance that it makes sense to implement it somehow.

Most manufacturers have reference cards for sale. You can check over here for latest prices and purchase link for India, US and the UK.

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