Nvidia’s GTX Titan outsold GTX 690 within 3 months

Nvidia seems very surprised when they found out that their GTX Titan outsold GeForce GTX 690, a graphics card that has been on the retail shelves for more than a year now, within a period of 3 months!

Ben Berraondo, the senior PR for GeForce said that they were surprised when they saw how popular the titan was. He also added,“We made Titan with no constraints to what we were doing, and priced accordingly as well. We’re basically selling every one we can get our hands on.”

But the news source was not surprised (and it makes a lot of sense) since GTX 690 was a dual CPU made only for gaming. With Titan, on the other hand, the part of the computer as the Tesla K20X with the ability to use double precision floating point format with speeds of about 1.3 TFLOPS at half the price of Tesla K20X, which makes a favourite choice for pro-graphics folks. Owning a Titan is giving you the power to have the single fastest GPU in the world.


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