Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition

Nvidia India lists the RTX 3070 FE, RTX 3080 FE for Rs. 71,000/- INR

Nvidia has launched all three of its RTX 30 graphics, with RTX 3070 being launched a couple of days ago with its drivers. Internally, things are not looking up for them due to lack of stocks, scalping and other issues. But here in India, Nvidia priced the RTX 3070 FE and the RTX 3080 FE with the same retail price- Rs. 71,000/-(US$ 1,006.35). Nvidia US priced RTX 3080 FE for $699.99 (viz. Rs. 52,167.79) and RTX 3070 FE for $499.99 (Rs. 37,262.49).

Why should Nvidia get its pricing right?

Because it sells and stocks its own Founders Edition. While Nvidia India is not listed the cards for sale in its website, you’d reckon Nvidia India will know the MSRP of its own FE cards.

Founders Edition graphics cards are usually the standard which most AIC partners prefer to exceed with their high-end custom everything factory overclocked versions. Naturally, those GPUs will cost more than the Founders Edition. But the listing of the price in its website does more harm than good. Nvidia India lists the RTX 3070 starting with Rs 51,000, with the Founder’s Edition at Rs. 71,000/-. The RTX 3080’s Founders Edition also costs the same- Rs. 71,000/-.

Placeholder prices are usually put up in pre-sale listings which are accidentally published. And it is only in the situation with smaller retailers. But both cards are launched with its variants available. With the pandemic creating an obstacle in getting updated prices, including from shops like Prime ABGB, one would like to have a reference- Nvidia India’s own website. But the goof-up in pricing makes matters worse as people started complaining about it.

Challenges of communicating with chip makers in India

Nvidia India, like AMD and Intel, is difficult to navigate but in the past were able to get things done to some extent. However, after our story, its third-party agency seems to have cut-off communications with Nvidia while claiming it was an accident via call when the RTX 3080 was launched. One really can’t help but ask the question if Nvidia India has any grip to put up some clarity. Because if Nvidia India and its PR entities are stifling communication, this is the end result.

Don’t get me wrong. AMD India has its own issues with the way it ridiculously priced its graphics cards. Hopefully, they won’t repeat that with the RX 6000 series. But both companies need to be in charge and have clarity internally. Because this would be the end result if it does not communicate, give clarification and most of all- double-check everything they are doing.

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